End of another year 2017

So another year come’s to a close…

It sure was a rather trying one…

But I and all of you made it through, now lets push forward!

Just for the heck of it I made a quick piece using only pens with hatching and cross hatching.

The idea mainly came from watching this video:

So really I wanted to see what I could do. I wasn’t really trying to make a finished work, instead I wanted to see if I could make it look anything at all like the reference picture. It’s quite rough, but the general idea is there.



and the quick artwork:


Obviously my level compared to Ryoichi Ikegami is still quite low. The lines are nowhere as refined and the lines are quite rough and not uniform but! I was able to acquire the main idea. I was actually quite surpsided at how fast I could acquire the effects that I wanted. I feel confident even saying that it was quite easy. I wonder just how well it would look if I were to do so with cleaner and well thought out lines?

The best way to learn is by recreating pieces, so that is what I will try to do for this coming year (on all fronts).

Almost forgot to even mention this, but the people above are from a Mexican show called “El Chavo del 8”. A comedy show from the 70s that has trancended time and that each generation watches at some point or another. A true gem of Mexico. As for why I chose them, I mainly wanted to draw a guy since I have mainly been drawing females for quite a while. And well I just felt like it would be fun to do so.

Let’s focus a bit of time on the Christmas Misaka and Misaki artwork. I used a combination of Knicker poster paints (yes I made the plunge, I’ll explain this at some other time), kuretake gansai tambi (watercolor set) and pencils.

Here is the process:

rough draft-

MIsaka MIsaki christmas rough draft I resize

clean lines for final artwork-

MIsaka MIsaki christmas I resize

MIsaka MIsaki christmas rough draft II resize

MIsaka MIsaki christmas rough draft III resize

coloring process-

Such a shame about not showing the before and after of the frills on Misakas coat, it shows just how versatile Knicker Poster Colors are.

DSC04043 resize crop

DSC04044 resize crop

DSC04045 resize crop

DSC04046 resize crop

DSC04047 resize

DSC04048 resize

DSC04049 resize

DSC04050 resize

DSC04051 resize

DSC04052 resize

DSC04053 resize

DSC04054 resize

DSC04055 resize

DSC04056 resize

DSC04057 resize

DSC04058 resize

As stated before, I’m still not done with it but this is the last state as of this writing.

Hasta la proxima,



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