VF-1A Hikaru Veritek

This one took a while. Made with Sharpie fine tip marker and painted with my Kuretake Gansai Tambi and Nicker Poster Color. I could push things a bit further but I want to work on something else after I rest this weekend. I had a vague idea of how I would end up painting this piece but I just went with the flow.

I had to fix it digitally with Photoshop  where there was an unpainted area left behind from the tape I used to keep the paper in place. Sorry a bit tired so I will leave things as they are.

Finished piece:

References used:


Digital process:

That’s it for now.

Hasta la proxima,



Riku KHII Bust

Whenever I have time I have been playing through the Kingdom Hearts series before I go ahead and play Kingdom Hearts III. So far I have finished the original, saw the 358/2 days scenes, I started playing Chain of memories but it was quite straining so I went ahead and saw the scenes on youtube. Anyway I finished Kingdom Hearts II about two weeks ago. And I gotta say, the design for Riku in Kingdom Hearts II was definitely the best version so far. I’ve seen his design in Kingdom Hearts III and so far KHII is still the best. Both with the cloak and the his normal clothes.

As a side note, after finishing Kingdom Hearts II I decided to go back to Chain of Memories and slug through it. I really don’t like quitting. I’m almost done with Sora’s section then there should be a short section where I play as Riku.

Here is the finished piece done with my G pen and my Copics:

I made a quick background with Photoshop and Corel Painter:

References used:


Digital background process:

That should be all for now.

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Hikaru Matsuyama true player

What I like about Matsuyama is that he truly is the counter character to Hyuga. While Hyuga started as a force all on his own, Matsuyama was a complete team player. On top of that they influenced each other quite a bit as the story progressed which allowed Hyuga to build up his team play and for Matsuyama to develop his individual play (which allowed him to go against ace players). But despite this, it’s obvious that Matsuyama just doesn’t have the heart to be cold blooded enough to win at any cost. I really liked the way he had to remind himself to be a bit rougher and not worry about Tsubasa’s injuries in the middle school arc. Yet despite this he still put his own body in the line so that Tsubasa wouldn’t injure his shoulder further. Truly a man among man.

I tried to start tapering off the details as I went further back with the background but I feel it would have been much easier doing it with water colors. I want to make a piece where I combine both. Copics are cool but one is limited by the colors one owns, and they are freakin expensive. … I wonder if I should have added a bit more color to the crowd, but I also didn’t want to add too much detail as well as muddy it up. I did learn a good bit after this piece so I will try it out on the next one.

Of course this piece is based on one of the most recent episodes:

References used:

The process:

They will finally cover Hyuga vs Tsubasa in the coming episodes. Can’t wait!

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This if for those of you who read these posts, I was actually working on a new piece for the day after Valentines day but some things happened and I had no choice but to postpone it. Here is a preview (will release it next year, probably):

Happy Valentines Day 2019

Welp today was Valentines day so since I want to participate in the seasons holidays a bit more so that the years don’t feel so monotonous I of course made a drawing for today. I’ve been wanting to do a purely pen drawing this time. I also wanted to try out siiteiebahiro ‘s style for a while now. So I used this chance to give it a try. What’s funny is that as I was trying to find the link to Hiro’s twitter account I stumbled upon one of his videos where he showcases his inking process. Looking at it, it is obvious why they both look so different when it comes to the way the hair was inked. Having said that I’m glad I didn’t see it till after I was done so that I could compare both styles.

I used Airi Suzuki as a reference for this piece using a photo from her photobook “Aoiro”. I just changed some things  to make her in the manga style and having her hold a gift.

Here is the final piece:

References used:

Here is the process:

Hope you guys had a great day today.

Hasta la proxima,


Gengar Starry Sky

I tried doing another piece using photographs as the “paint”. My brother actually suggested I made one with Gengar when he showed me that photo I mentioned before (when I made Lynn Minmey). Also here is the artist and the picture I mentioned name is kotetsu_of  (link will take you to the artists instagram).

I’ve always been a fan of this Pokemon and it’s previous evolutions.


With that said here is the finished piece:

Without a background:

Here are the photos used and reference:

Photos obtained from Pexels.com

Milkyway by kendall hoopes

Purple/Pink starry sky by Luck Galindo

star clouds and also the full moon by Pixabay


Here is the drawing process:

Digital process:

Hasta la proxima,





Goku vs Broly

About a week ago or so I got to see the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie in the theater. Out of all the Dragon Ball movies I have seen so far it is definitely my favorite. I didn’t really care much for Broly before (I mean sure he was strong and had cool powers but

┐( ̄ー ̄)┌ )

but I did like the way everything was connected with all the events up to this point. To think that someone stuck in one planet could have so much power to not only keep up with Super Saiyan blue but to far surpass it. Who knows how Broly would fare against ultra instinct but I’m guessing that they are setting things up to have Goku power up even further with Broly.

I liked that most of the fight with Broly was martial arts based, really hope they bring the focus on that again in the future. One other thing to note is that the artwork and painting was much better than not only the anime but also the last movies. The only complaint I have is the cg section which just didn’t look good and was really out of place when it happened. It was only for one section of the fight but it does make me wonder why they decided to so in the first place.

Final painting:


drawing process:

digital process:

Hasta la proxima,



Trying out different coloring styles: Lynn Minmey

My brother showed me this cool picture that was drawn and then had sections of the dress cut out so that the artist could use the sky as her dresses color. Since I was already drawing Minmey so that I could practice with my pen on bristol paper. Bristol paper is cool and all but it starts to bubble up and break apart when I use water media on it so I decided to paint it digitally. And since I was already preparing  the drawing for using photographs as the “coloring” base I figure it would be a good enough time to practice different coloring styles and backgrounds.

I was just focusing on drawing and painting so I didn’t keep any records of the process this time.

Minmey drawn with my G-Pen:

Using photos as the back base for Minmey’s shorts, hair and eyes:

And here is Minmey using the anime style painting with a beach background:

Minmey using the anime style painting with her room as the background:

And finally using the colors from the reference picture:

Here are the reference pictures used:

That will be all for now.

Hasta la proxima,





Sora – Let’s begin a new adventure

Kingdom Hearts III has finally been released yesterday (although I wont be able to play it till I finish 2 and all the games that came after it. But in commemoration I decided to make a quick piece for it.

here it is:

Of course I pre-ordered my own copy so that I can play it hopefully very soon.

Here are the references used:

Here is the drawing process (decided to finish the line work using my Stabilo pens):

And here is the digital coloring process:

Hasta la proxima,


Matsuyama Hikaru snow training shot

I’ve been watching Captain Tsubasa 2018 and let’s say that it has been an amazing experience. I have seen the original series when I was in Mexico and then I saw the Road to 2002 version while I was in middle school (I think, it was quite a while ago)? That version was just ok although I did like the voice actors but the art style is really not my style at all. This new version is actually quite amazing. At first I wasn’t too sure about it since they were changing somethings from the original version, but they were mainly done because it was after all a version that is taking place in this time period. It was also a bit weird seeing an anime that goes from the old coloration to the new really bright and vibrant one we have today. But it does look quite amazing. One of the things I really like is that as the series kept going the quality also increased and to top it off they were paying more homage to the original manga. The second opening is definitely my favorite out of all the versions that have been released throughout the years. Of course my favorite sections are when they go into an animated version of the manga panels having Hyuga and Tsubasa going at it.

It looks so cool (I wanted to incorporate some of those speed/power lines into my artwork). I really hope they release it on blue ray over here in the States:

In any case I have done a piece based on Hyuga already, although he looks really stiff. I would like to make an updated version at some point. So now I wanted to make a piece on another one of my favorite characters, Matsuyama Hikaru. He has always been among my favorites, competing against Hyuga for my first place (which is funny because they have a rivalry within the series itself). In one of the most recent episodes he has finally unleashed his special shot. I’ve been watching it while I workout in the gym and that scene got me fired up and going even harder while I was doing my cardio. This series really helps as motivation to push me even harder. So with that in mind and the actual snowfall that has been hitting here in my city I wanted to make a piece of him training his special shot while it snowed.

One other element was having Yoshiko Fujisawa looking over him. There are many couples in this series but theirs is definitely among my favorites. The headband that is given to Hikaru is such a cute and tender moment that I feel it is quite iconic in the series. Must be nice having someone like you like that huh…

(〃 ̄ω ̄〃)ゞ

Here is the final piece:

This is the main reference for the body posture (I wanted him to look like he was moving and not too stiff):

Here are the rest of the references (first two were to get an idea of the color scheme):

Here is the drawing process (at first I was going to have him training in his jersey but that would have been mean huh, so while getting screenshots for reference I came upon his tracksuit so I went with that instead):

And here is the digital painting process:

What I like most about Matsuyama Hikaru is that he is a hard worker. He might not have the genius ability of all the top aces from the series but he has the initiative and drive to push himself and in turn also his teammates in order to compete on even ground to the other teams. He truly is an inspiration for the many of us who might not have a natural talent but could still achieve great results based on pure hard work and tenacity. If you have something that you are passionate about don’t give up when you encounter setbacks, push through and achieve new limits by working hard.

Hasta la proxima,





1st painting using Arches cotton cold press Michishige Sayumi

By the end of last year I bought a lot of art supplies which included new brushes, a ceramic watercolor palette well and of course the titled Arches cold press cotton paper. But I decided to use them at the time that I created my first cotton paper painting. They are quite expensive so I was a bit weary about using them. I painted all of my mistakes on the old cheaper Canson paper so I figured that I should be ready now that I understand what does and doesn’t work.

So of course I chose Sayu as my first subject. I chose a photo from her Instagram, seems like it was from a photoshoot.

I guess I should mention that I am now finally using my Instagram. What’s great about Instagram is that I can upload sketches and unfinished artwork. So I’ll probably be updating things there more often than here, obviously with less in depth details and pictures about the process.

I decided to play around with the aspects that are unique with watercolors making Sayu the main focus and then fading away as I moved to the edges. After looking at what other artist can do, it seems like I can push things further by using other mediums like color pencils to make certain areas finer/smoother and to control the values. But I want to practice that a bit before I do it on cotton paper.

Here is the final piece:

This is the reference picture:

And here is the process:

I actually quite enjoyed using cotton paper. It has more versatility than paper. It retains more water, paint and it also doesn’t start peeling off after a couple of layers. Although it still bowed by the end, it does react better than normal paper. Next time I will tape it down. I saw this painter on Youtube (named: Watercolor by Shibasaki  ). He shows his skills doing just that in this video. where he paints without having the paper bow. I’ll have to work on that.

Now as for the porcelain palette well, I love it. It works much better than the plastic one I had before. It’s set up in a circular shape  where I can have 6 different color and a center area to mix up colors. On top of that It’s much easier to clean up.

As for the brushes, I decided to buy some higher quality brushes. Cheap ones are okay but their bristles fall off and also they are also too limp when wet so it’s hard to control the brush.

That should be all for now.

Hasta la proxima,




Kamei Eri Cartoon X Anime

I’ve tried using another cartoon X anime style again. This time I was learning from an artist named tes  I really like his style and am really happy because recently he has been focusing on Watamote artwork.

I decided to use Kamei Eri as my reference.

Here is the final painting (done using Copics, and then I added a background with Photoshop):

reference picture used:

Here is the process (when I started coloring her I felt I had messed it all up and almost gave up but I’m glad I decided to at least draw in the line art and that seemed to fix my issues):

That will be all for now.

Hasta la proxima,


Obscurus 2019

I’ve been developing ideas for a story I wish to create. One of the things I did come up with right away were designs for characters, starting of course with the main character. Looking back on my notes about the story it self, well… it’s quite embarrassing. (⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄)

I’m kinda glad I was just writing notes all these years. Now that I have a bit more experience in life, art and stories which I deem good and bad I feel I can make a much better and interesting story. Some of the main ideas will remain but a good number of them will be either axed or used as a joke. More detail on this later.

Any way here is the main character Obscurus Nube (his name was at one point Nube Obscura) (will say more about what kind of character he is at a later date):

I feel his hair is a bit too big, will have to try a couple more versions till I decide on the final design. Decided to take off his necktie but overall his design remained the same. This was the original drawing I did in 2011 I believe.

I drew it traditionally first, inked and then scanned and edited digitally.

Here are the files I used to create the background. Wasn’t sure what to put for the background so I was just playing around till I noticed some things looking good and after some more editing I came up with the final piece.

And here is the process:

I want this character to be connected to the motif of the Moon (as for why I will talk about it later).

Hasta la proxima,