1st painting using Arches cotton cold press Michishige Sayumi

By the end of last year I bought a lot of art supplies which included new brushes, a ceramic watercolor palette well and of course the titled Arches cold press cotton paper. But I decided to use them at the time that I created my first cotton paper painting. They are quite expensive so I was a bit weary about using them. I painted all of my mistakes on the old cheaper Canson paper so I figured that I should be ready now that I understand what does and doesn’t work.

So of course I chose Sayu as my first subject. I chose a photo from her Instagram, seems like it was from a photoshoot.

I guess I should mention that I am now finally using my Instagram. What’s great about Instagram is that I can upload sketches and unfinished artwork. So I’ll probably be updating things there more often than here, obviously with less in depth details and pictures about the process.

I decided to play around with the aspects that are unique with watercolors making Sayu the main focus and then fading away as I moved to the edges. After looking at what other artist can do, it seems like I can push things further by using other mediums like color pencils to make certain areas finer/smoother and to control the values. But I want to practice that a bit before I do it on cotton paper.

Here is the final piece:

This is the reference picture:

And here is the process:

I actually quite enjoyed using cotton paper. It has more versatility than paper. It retains more water, paint and it also doesn’t start peeling off after a couple of layers. Although it still bowed by the end, it does react better than normal paper. Next time I will tape it down. I saw this painter on Youtube (named: Watercolor by Shibasaki  ). He shows his skills doing just that in this video. where he paints without having the paper bow. I’ll have to work on that.

Now as for the porcelain palette well, I love it. It works much better than the plastic one I had before. It’s set up in a circular shape  where I can have 6 different color and a center area to mix up colors. On top of that It’s much easier to clean up.

As for the brushes, I decided to buy some higher quality brushes. Cheap ones are okay but their bristles fall off and also they are also too limp when wet so it’s hard to control the brush.

That should be all for now.

Hasta la proxima,




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