A little update 12\3\17

I finished my paper about two weeks ago but my side job has been aking for more of my time lately, though we should be done for the rest of the year once we finish the next job (whenever that is). As for school, I just have a class tommorrow and finals next week. So I’m almost finally done for this year and will have a couple of weeks where I can focus completely on art. So for this weekend I will be giving some time to just study, but for most of this week I should be able to keep working on art (aside from the daily chores and things to do).

Having said that, I have been working on some new artwork these past few days. Drawing I can hatch things out quite quickly but again color is still giving me problems. So I decided to make a piece with simple color schemes and color application like that done in older anime. This works two fold. I wan’t to give my brothers a specialized gift for Christmas and also make a demo of a possible service I can offer customers. This whole year I’ve been trying  to just learn as much as I can before I started to sell again. But I can’t keep it in the backburner for too long, the year is almost gone so I have to think about keeping the business side of things alive again.

So what is this new potential service? How about a personalized recreation of a poster where you or someone you know is taking the place of the protaganist/character. Or something simpler like the anime version (of you or someone you know) in what ever style you’d like.

I doubt my brothers check this page so here are the two artwork I am currently working on.

First is Gundam X, sorry the line art is too light for the scanner to really catch it. and I don’t have a digital line art copy for some reason.


I tried using the colors from the anime so I just focused on applying color. But as expected I still had a lot of trouble working it since I’m still not used to painting digitally. It’s a great tool I but I much prefer traditional. But I’m still not good enought to make colors as smooth as digital. Though I did learn a lot and could definitely get better. but I feel I might have to make a choice on which one to focus on. Learning both will take quite a while… We’ll see.

Despite that it look alright.


Next is the Evangelion one. I have started painting it digitally, but I think I will switch it to traditional. Time is running out and I wan’t to do a lot more pieces. I just don’t know how people could paint so amazingly using the digital medium. Switching between both really confuses me.


This is what I have so far digitally. I’ve seen people fix their colors and make really cool effects by adding textures to the paint jobs, but I don’t know if that is what is needed…


So there is the small update, have to go rest a bit and eat.

Hasta la proxima,



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