Happy Valentines Day 2019

Welp today was Valentines day so since I want to participate in the seasons holidays a bit more so that the years don’t feel so monotonous I of course made a drawing for today. I’ve been wanting to do a purely pen drawing this time. I also wanted to try out siiteiebahiro ‘s style for a while now. So I used this chance to give it a try. What’s funny is that as I was trying to find the link to Hiro’s twitter account I stumbled upon one of his videos where he showcases his inking process. Looking at it, it is obvious why they both look so different when it comes to the way the hair was inked. Having said that I’m glad I didn’t see it till after I was done so that I could compare both styles.

I used Airi Suzuki as a reference for this piece using a photo from her photobook “Aoiro”. I just changed some things  to make her in the manga style and having her hold a gift.

Here is the final piece:

References used:

Here is the process:

Hope you guys had a great day today.

Hasta la proxima,


Inktober 2018 #27 Berserker Armor

I’ve been mesmerized by Miura’s artwork when I finally decided to read it I think two years ago. Truth is that I probably would never have given his work a chance if not for my brother. I’ve seen covers and anime previews about Berserk but the promotional videos made it look like a generic anime about a guy that created a lot of bloodshed and gore. And it’s not that the series doesn’t contain this imagery but it is so much more. In short it is a masterpiece. (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

The protagonist Guts has so much tribulations and yet despite it all he continues to fight, though more importantly… live.

One of the cool additions to Berserk was the addition of the Berserker Armor. The way it can amplify his ability to fight beings far beyond humans capabilities but at the cost of his body is such an amazing idea. Dragon ball did this back in the 90s with Goku’s Kaoiken but since Toriyama was forced to continue writing all of that was thrown out the window with the Super Sayajin transformation. I really feel that the idea of having to think whether sacrificing ones body would be a good idea or not was a really interesting concept that would have made Dragon Ball Z better. Luckily Miura used this concept in a very interesting way that really makes one feel every fight that Guts has to go through with a lot of anticipation and excitement. If you haven’t given this series a shot please do. Just make sure you are of age since it has a lot of mature themes.

For this drawing I used three different pens. I used the G pen, the felt tip and the brush to paint the cape and the lower body. I was quite surprised that I was able to do everything that I was imagining quite easily. I was worried that I would have had to do Guts cape with my G pen. Thankfully I didn’t have to. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

IMG_20181027_222052 cropped

These are the references used:





And here is the process:

























IMG_20181027_222052 cropped

And with that I end the day… (⌒▽⌒ゞ

Hasta la proxima,


A little update 12\3\17

I finished my paper about two weeks ago but my side job has been aking for more of my time lately, though we should be done for the rest of the year once we finish the next job (whenever that is). As for school, I just have a class tommorrow and finals next week. So I’m almost finally done for this year and will have a couple of weeks where I can focus completely on art. So for this weekend I will be giving some time to just study, but for most of this week I should be able to keep working on art (aside from the daily chores and things to do).

Having said that, I have been working on some new artwork these past few days. Drawing I can hatch things out quite quickly but again color is still giving me problems. So I decided to make a piece with simple color schemes and color application like that done in older anime. This works two fold. I wan’t to give my brothers a specialized gift for Christmas and also make a demo of a possible service I can offer customers. This whole year I’ve been trying  to just learn as much as I can before I started to sell again. But I can’t keep it in the backburner for too long, the year is almost gone so I have to think about keeping the business side of things alive again.

So what is this new potential service? How about a personalized recreation of a poster where you or someone you know is taking the place of the protaganist/character. Or something simpler like the anime version (of you or someone you know) in what ever style you’d like.

I doubt my brothers check this page so here are the two artwork I am currently working on.

First is Gundam X, sorry the line art is too light for the scanner to really catch it. and I don’t have a digital line art copy for some reason.


I tried using the colors from the anime so I just focused on applying color. But as expected I still had a lot of trouble working it since I’m still not used to painting digitally. It’s a great tool I but I much prefer traditional. But I’m still not good enought to make colors as smooth as digital. Though I did learn a lot and could definitely get better. but I feel I might have to make a choice on which one to focus on. Learning both will take quite a while… We’ll see.

Despite that it look alright.


Next is the Evangelion one. I have started painting it digitally, but I think I will switch it to traditional. Time is running out and I wan’t to do a lot more pieces. I just don’t know how people could paint so amazingly using the digital medium. Switching between both really confuses me.


This is what I have so far digitally. I’ve seen people fix their colors and make really cool effects by adding textures to the paint jobs, but I don’t know if that is what is needed…


So there is the small update, have to go rest a bit and eat.

Hasta la proxima,



Current state and future plans 10/17/16

So about a week ago I mentioned that I would be entering an art contest… I didn’t. So… I did end up working on it all week, but add to that a whole lot of other things that for some reason all piled up together all that week, and I was completely stressed out. What’s strange is that it did bring back some memories of back when I was in high school. Back then I was always stressed out beyond belief. Having said all that I did manage to take care of all things or at the very least have them prepared so that I could finish it later. As for the contest itself, by the time I had something presentable that I wouldn’t feel too bad showcasing I only had one minute left. And to make things more annoying I couldn’t find the notebook with my passwords, although that wouldn’t have helped at all since I hadn’t created an account yet… I was so focused on getting so many things done on top of the picture for the contest that I forgot to do something so basic…

Had this been open to traditional techniques I would have been ok, but I had to use Corel Painter. That quickly became a problem seeing as I’m just barely getting used to Photoshop. So on top of thinking about what to draw and how to do it, I also had to learn how to use Corel at the same time. And that is time consuming. Despite all my efforts, I ran out of time by only a minute… It sucks, but I did pick up some new abilities and am now at least somewhat ready for the next contest.

For this contest the theme was “first day of school”. Going by the description I feel they wanted something that evoked feelings of going back to school (whatever that may have been for the artist). As for me, as I explained before I was really stressed out throughout most of my high school life due to the high amounts of schoolwork (among other things), but like most high schoolers I did at some point or another have a crush. And that alone helped ease the stress and give a reason to go to class and sometimes even look forward to it.

It’s funny, when I was in high school or younger I would probably be to embarrassed to even admit this.

That being said, this is what I came up with:



I had about an hour left when I got to this point, but if I was serious about actually having a chance of winning I had give it a background. And that is what I struggled with before I eventually got to this point:



Seeing as I was running out of time I used a cloning technique that Corel’s “Master Painters” use by using a picture/photo and turning it into brush strokes that change it’s look and feel depending on what brush and medium you use. But as you can see it still needs a lot of work. I actually decided to use this technique when I only had 10 minutes left and I knew i wouldn’t be able to make a background from scratch. At this point I would change a couple of colors to make it all match and maybe add some more details here and there.

Well that didn’t end up happening, but although I won’t be able to submit this to the art contest I do like what I have so far. It has the potential to become even better after some more work. But I do want to make some artwork for Halloween though. So I’ll probably let this one rest for a bit. Plus I’m still working on that Honedge.

Back to where the contest was being held, DrawCrowd seems to be somewhat new for artist to showcase artwork. And so far I’m really liking it. I really allows for people to see your work even if you happen to be  new to the site unlike Deviantart. With that being said I’ll probably start letting DeviantArt go and focus on Pixiv and DrawCrowd.

Last week I went to go collect some pictures of the fall scenery around my neighborhood before the leafs fall off completely. I took a good number of them. I will upload them to a separate Flickr account that will be filled with my photos that can be used for reference or whatever projects people feel like using them for. I guess I only ask that people say where they got the photo from, but in the end that will end up being the decision of the user/artist. But I don’t want to just dump pile them in there, I want to categorize them so that they are easy for people to find what they are looking for. My main goal is to someday have people collaborate in making this Flickr grow by providing photos of interesting and useful places, objects ect. that can be used freely by everybody that happens to stumble upon them. That’s the main goal I have for it, but for now I will start by just adding my collection. Hopefully that becomes useful to at least some of you.

That should be all for now, I really want to start working on the next piece for Halloween.

Hasta la próxima,


XERO Drawing OPERATION – Misaka Mikoto ( Railgun )

I’m really surprised that this drawing took me so long to draw, but I guess it is expected since I decided to add some background this time around. The time accumulated for this drawing was … 19 hours and 10 minutes. In a way I find that astonishing, but believable since I was making up techniques as I drew. I’m surprised I didn’t get stuck and end up ruining the drawing. One thing I have learned though is that adding various colors to a certain object or objects will make it more believable and realistic so I made sure to go in with that type of mentality.

I’m sure many fans of the To Aru Majutsu no Index and To Aru Kagaku no Railgun know that a new series is being aired at this moment, it seems to be focusing on Misaka and her involvement with her sisters/clones. And I have to say, it is absolutely amazing. Both the story and the animation. I seriously wish more anime’s put in that much effort at least into the animation. In any case, this drawing is inspired by the fight between Misaka and Mugino Shizuri ( no. 4 as the strongest level 5, known as the “Meltdowner”). Their confrontation ended last week and it was awesome, plus it also left it open for some more “encounters of the level 5 kind” (yeah… I know, stupid joke).

Throughout the drawing I really did not know what I wanted to do yet. I just had a goal to draw her in a pose I haven’t seen before. So I just made things up as I went along. As I was drawing I decided to have her injured but still willing to fight, and I also liked the idea of having her fight outside (meaning I would have to draw a background as well). One thing I did want to include was her shorts. Usually I don’t like upskirts in anime/manga but because she always has shorts I find her to be a really awesome character that doesn’t feel the need to flash in order to be popular. I seriously feel that more female characters need to be like that. Plus her shorts are pretty much her trademark (well that and electricity, gekota, etc.). I did feel kind of bad making her bleed, but I feel that makes her look more vulnerable and human like. As well as making the situation look dire. If anything I feel the drawing only needs a bit of rubbing/blending in order to make it smoother (mostly in the sky).
What do you guys think?
Any Questions/Comments?

Hope you enjoy it,


XERO Drawing OPERATION – Aisaka and Ryuuji

After the first two “If they were real” videos, I feel like going back to drawing some more anime themed drawings. For this video I decided to draw characters from one of my favorite animes: TORADORA. It’s a really fun, serious, inspirational and emotional story. If you have not seen it yet I highly recommend it. For the most part the animation and art style are definitely really good. But I feel they could have made it even better. Truthfully the only reason I complain, is because of the time a certain side character dyed his hair (I really thought it looked a bit…).

In any case, this drawing took about five and a half hours to complete. But that was to be expected since I had to color it after all. Over all I wanted to try and bring out the feel of a certain artist I have talked about before, Banpai Akira. This time though I made sure to not look at any of his works and see if I could pull it off on my own. I had to do quite a bit of experimenting, and I really don’t feel I did too bad. The only complaint I have is with Aisaka’s hair. Maybe I should have done it a bit darker (more on the brown side, instead of the light golden hair). But oh well.

Hope you enjoy it,



How to Draw Challenge – Rias Gremory and Issei Hyoudou (COLOR)

Request by: 21886768

I can’t really say much about this drawing, from what I gathered Rias Gremory and Issei Hyoujou comes from an ecchi series about demons …..

This drawing was extremely annoying to do. There were just so many things to do and because of the “content” of the internet I found it hard to find good reference pictures to use. In the end I managed to sort of find them, but I still allowed my fatigue mess around with the drawing. The biggest blunder was definitely making Rias’s legs too short, I tried to do the impossible to fix them. I somehow managed but it still looks a bit off. I also did not add the final mixing techniques when coloring, although this way it does give it a rough look. I’m seriously surprised it took me almost five hours to do this. I definitely need to buy a spare battery soon.

Hope you enjoy it,


How to Draw Challenge – The Selfish Princess , the Shy Psychic and the Idiot (COLOR)

More than any of the other drawings I have done so far, this is by far the one I wanted to do the most. I have so many series that I really enjoyed, but although it was a hard decision I think that School Rumble is definitely my favorite out all of them. It’s a series that contains every genre out there. And althought it has a lot of comedy, it is not over rulling like in Hayate no Gotoku where almost no serious moments are allowed to progress. The plot is so interesting especially with the progressive addition of new characters over time. Even if they are side character they are given form and personality which makes the story that much more interesting.

Although I like most of the characters, my all time favorite female characters (no surprise here) are Yakumo and Eri. And of course my favorite male character (maybe rulling over all the others even) is Harima. His ability to be true to his feelings at all times without waivering at allmost every point is amazing, although it is this ability that makes him such an idiot.

The drawing is  not completely finished, but I ran out of time. I have a couple of other things I want to add to it so I feel it is complete.

Hope you enjoy it,


My Bamboo Manga has finally arrived – First impression Review

Yesterday I finally got my long awaited Bamboo Manga. I had been waiting for this day very intently. As soon as it arrived I was eager to play with it. Like with many electronic items I had to input the drivers and programs, which was actually rather easy and did not take too long. The only thing I could complain about right away is that I could not use the tutorial at all, I even reinstalled both the Bamboo drivers/programs and also the Adobe applications (which are needed to use the wacom programs). Despite that I did not seem to have any problems at all. There are some preinstalled games in a little application named Bamboo dock (which starts automatically), the games help first time users to get a feel for the pen and the tablet. After all, most people who use such a system for the first time may have a bit of a learning curve at the beggining since it is quite different looking at the computer screen instead of looking down where you would normally be drawing.

There are also some simple drawing programs that can be used. Sure, they are simple but even so, just by seeing how much I could do with just that was amazing.

I know it kinda sucks, but this was my first try at drawing without practicing beforehand. It was made using a picture of “the Mona Lisa” as the background.

You may laugh but please, not too hard.

After finishing installing the programs and playing around with the settings for a couple of minutes I began to draw a couple of things (just figures and lines, as well as playing with the brushes). Eventually when I sort of got the feel for it, I began to draw on Open Canvas Lite (so far I like it more than Corel Painter). Here is the picture below.

When I finish my Yakumo drawing I’ll post it up (Yakumo is my favorite female character on School Rumble by the way, well alongside Eri).

I was actually surprised I would start getting the hang of drawing on the tablet so fast. There are some movements one has to beware of (otherwise the lines one would normally want will be too long, since te tablet is smaller than a normal piece of paper). Other than that it is just like drawing on paper, there are the obvious advantages of course. Like clean erasing and so on. Plus, one can save a lot of money this way as well (not having the need to buy more paint, markers, pencils, etc.) So far I really like it.

[EDIT] 12/22/12

About a year ago I did a quick report of what I thought about my new Bamboo Manga. The reason being that I seriously could not find much information about it online except for the little information Wacom provided on their website. That information was not enough though. And judging by the amounts of visits I get to my page because of this post in question, I assume it is the same for the rest of you.

I had to think quite hard of whether I should buy it or not, in the end I did. Was it worth it? It surprisingly was, it was so responsive I was actually really surprised. But of course there are some aspects that one has to get used to of course, such as looking up at the computer screen instead of looking down at your hands while drawing (this was the most challenging aspect I had to go through at the beggining). But luckily we as humans are capable of adjusting, so with practice this feeling does go away.

This video does not go in great depth, but it does provide some more information about the Bamboo Manga. I left out installation processes, as well as some real tests to see just how much one can bring out of the tablet. But the artwork in the box does give one a glimpse of what is possible if one practices dilligently enough. If you, the viewer, ask me to go into even more details about how to customize the button options, go through the installation and setup process I might consider it. But this should be a good amount of information for now.

If you happen to have any more questions go right ahead and ask.

Till next time