How to Draw Challenge – The Selfish Princess , the Shy Psychic and the Idiot (COLOR)

More than any of the other drawings I have done so far, this is by far the one I wanted to do the most. I have so many series that I really enjoyed, but although it was a hard decision I think that School Rumble is definitely my favorite out all of them. It’s a series that contains every genre out there. And althought it has a lot of comedy, it is not over rulling like in Hayate no Gotoku where almost no serious moments are allowed to progress. The plot is so interesting especially with the progressive addition of new characters over time. Even if they are side character they are given form and personality which makes the story that much more interesting.

Although I like most of the characters, my all time favorite female characters (no surprise here) are Yakumo and Eri. And of course my favorite male character (maybe rulling over all the others even) is Harima. His ability to be true to his feelings at all times without waivering at allmost every point is amazing, although it is this ability that makes him such an idiot.

The drawing is  not completely finished, but I ran out of time. I have a couple of other things I want to add to it so I feel it is complete.

Hope you enjoy it,


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