Some of the artwork I’ve been practicing 3-31-18

As mentioned before I said I was going to be uploading some artwork that I’ve been working on as a bit of practice so here it is (sorry about the delay, like usual the workload has been a bit of a pain but I’m pushing forward – luckily this semester is almost finally over… though construction work seems to be looking to increase).

I got a Samsung tablet for my self at the end of last year and didn’t really use it all that much, but while in a dollar store I saw a tablet stylus and decided to try it out. I was surprised at the accuracy I could get with such a clunky pen, so I ended up purchasing an app to do some art on the tablet. Sadly the tablet is not that powerful so it stuttered way too much while I was working on it and it even crashed plenty of times but it did get me interested on the possibilities of drawing/painting digitally directly. Though one can get used to looking up at the monitor using a normal drawing tablet, there is no comparison to actually looking at what you are drawing/painting. Now I’m really craving a drawing monitor…

Anyway here are two tries I made while waiting for my class start;

First try:

Second try:

On the traditional side of things I wanted to make some quick practice sketches with a pen. And not surprisingly the ink really made it standout and look cleaner than when using a pencil.

I wanted to try a conversion from a real person to an anime version so I decided on using this reference picture of Eri Kamei to try it out:


I decided to only do the main lines to test out how it all looks.

This time I used a pen from the brand LePen, I want to test out how a lighter pen combines with color so I used their Dark Grey color which leaves a much lighter mark that I hope combines much better when I add watercolor and copics to it.

After I did the outline I wanted to see what would happen if I added more detail and darker lines, but my skill are still… anyway I’ll figure it out by doing some more when I have the chance. For the thicker lines I used one of those ink pens from Hobby Lobby that are meant for calligraphy. Did not end up how I wanted it…

But despite all this it does give me a good opportunity to try out if I can conceal mistakes using my Knicker Poster Color white, it does work but I have to gauge the right amount so as to make it thick enough to cover but not thick enough to make a mess. What I do know is that the thinner lines looked much better, I’ll have to figure out how to ink and shadow properly.

Next is Yuri Kim from Fearies Landing, here is the reference picture:

Here is the main outline.

I inked some sections and added some details but not much since I didn’t want to use too much time on it. I’ll practice some shading techniques on a blank paper to figure out what kind I should use and at what time.

Currently I’m trying to make a new finished piece, but I’ll leave that for another time.

Hasta la proxima,


Just a little bit more time

It’s been a very tough time lately, it has been filled with a lot of work from all fronts (school even has me reading multiple books at once…). But the main time consuming thing is creating the new format for my Youtube videos. I will finally be making that comeback I mentioned, but I really want to up my game so I’m trying to create a strong new video format that I can feel proud of and that people will hopefully like and will also retain their interest. Time constraints are a bit rough right now though. I also have to make a presentation in a  week about a book we have to read for class and that will require a good a bit of time. Haaaaa…….

I have made some new things just haven’t had the time to upload and whatnot. Let me get through this things and hopefully I will have some more time soon. We have a lot of things to catch up on, seriously.

For those of you who read these here is a sneak peak to the video:

I will be adding some “shading” later on but haven’t had the time to do so yet. I’m still not done with the ending quite yet, but the meat of the video shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. But I do worry about whether I should actually talk in the videos or not…

Will try to keep in touch.

Hasta la proxima,


Merry Christmas (and happy holidays!)

So Christmas has finally arrived.

I was working on an artwork for this year and just now finally finished it. I will be making a background at some point but that will have to wait for next year. But for those who visit my site, here is a peek at it. (The print won’t be available till next year though).

Will talk and upload more photos at a later date.

MIsaka MIsaki christmas 2017 edited resize

My brother’s finished presents.

Have a great time guys. Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Hasta la proxima,


A little update 12\3\17

I finished my paper about two weeks ago but my side job has been aking for more of my time lately, though we should be done for the rest of the year once we finish the next job (whenever that is). As for school, I just have a class tommorrow and finals next week. So I’m almost finally done for this year and will have a couple of weeks where I can focus completely on art. So for this weekend I will be giving some time to just study, but for most of this week I should be able to keep working on art (aside from the daily chores and things to do).

Having said that, I have been working on some new artwork these past few days. Drawing I can hatch things out quite quickly but again color is still giving me problems. So I decided to make a piece with simple color schemes and color application like that done in older anime. This works two fold. I wan’t to give my brothers a specialized gift for Christmas and also make a demo of a possible service I can offer customers. This whole year I’ve been trying  to just learn as much as I can before I started to sell again. But I can’t keep it in the backburner for too long, the year is almost gone so I have to think about keeping the business side of things alive again.

So what is this new potential service? How about a personalized recreation of a poster where you or someone you know is taking the place of the protaganist/character. Or something simpler like the anime version (of you or someone you know) in what ever style you’d like.

I doubt my brothers check this page so here are the two artwork I am currently working on.

First is Gundam X, sorry the line art is too light for the scanner to really catch it. and I don’t have a digital line art copy for some reason.

I tried using the colors from the anime so I just focused on applying color. But as expected I still had a lot of trouble working it since I’m still not used to painting digitally. It’s a great tool I but I much prefer traditional. But I’m still not good enought to make colors as smooth as digital. Though I did learn a lot and could definitely get better. but I feel I might have to make a choice on which one to focus on. Learning both will take quite a while… We’ll see.

Despite that it look alright.

Next is the Evangelion one. I have started painting it digitally, but I think I will switch it to traditional. Time is running out and I wan’t to do a lot more pieces. I just don’t know how people could paint so amazingly using the digital medium. Switching between both really confuses me.

This is what I have so far digitally. I’ve seen people fix their colors and make really cool effects by adding textures to the paint jobs, but I don’t know if that is what is needed…

So there is the small update, have to go rest a bit and eat.

Hasta la proxima,



Another year of life

So, another year has passed. I put some goals for my self this year, and although I could have done better I did accomplish them. So I will continue to go forward. The future does seem quite shaky and uncertain. But that’s life… I won’t give up.

I guess my goals for this new year is to take things further and accomplish even more things this year. I also want to be more physically active and learn Japanese to a proficient level. I’ve put those guys in the back burner for far too long. It’s time I give them the time they need.

This is the drawing for this year. I was thinking of adding some Dia de los Muertos influences, but maybe next time. Today was quite a busy day so I wanted to make a quick drawing. I really like Yoshitoki Oima’s art style a lot (creator of “A Silent Voice”), so I decided to use her style for this drawing. I didn’t have much time for coloring either (I actually just drew it in about half an hour a couple of minutes before I started making this entry) so I will just do the line art like if it was from a manga panel. I was thinking of inking it as well but the day is almost over so I will leave it like this. Besides it looks quite clean this way.

Nube 2017 crop centered resize

Here’s to working towards a better future and accomplishing our goals!

Hasta la proxima,


Updates – Practicing with watercolor, broken camera, new paints and plans


After thinking all this year and trying to learn a much as I can about colors, it was now time to actually put it into action. The best way to learn is to learn from others. So that is what I am currently doing right now. One of the things I really want to be able to do is realistic paintings. This requires a good understanding of applying paints and mixing colors. I’ve mainly been watching three youtubers;

The Mind of Watercolor

This channel is great because he teaches a lot of tehnical techniques and explains them in great clarity. On top of that he is very fun to listen to and his videos are very entertaining.

Lioba Brückner

This artist has a very beautiful style that I really want to learn. I’ve been watching her videos and learned quite a lot.


Actually saw his videos first, and through his videos I found the two channels above on the reccomended list on the side of youtube.

Anyway, years ago after I graduated from high school I bought some photobooks of Platinum Era Morning Musume with the idea of one day being good enough to paint them. Well, after taking a year (this year) to learn I felt it was finally time to give it a try. I was actually a bit aprehensive to start. Heck, I would even say I was actually a bit scared? But it is finally time to make my art finally grow and gain more experience.

One other thing I want to learn is dealing with dark colors, so I chose this photo (the one on the bottom):

5cfee3a9jw1dk56dbkpa0j edit

Maybe it was a bit reckless of me to choose one with three people instead of just one, but I wish to be able to do a background and deal with multiple focal points. One problem with my artwork is that I have been adding too much details to areas that are not the focal point. The problem with doing that is that one, the focal point is not clear, but more importantly, it just doesn’t look good. When I finally figured that out, I decided to pay attention to what I see and really think about what can bee seen on the sides of the focal point. What I mean is that I look at an object (whatever it is) and try to pay attention to the surroundings and learn just how much detail I am actually able to see when I focus on one point. Turns out, not much. I can see the outlines and main figures, but not any really fine details. So I’ll have to keep that in mind from now on.

Using photos as references can also be problematic since they can see things very differently than a human. So in that sense I will have to choose what requires details and what doesn’t. And then I have to learn just how much details are enough to convey the athmosphere while making it all meld well together.

I was also afraid of using the colors I saw because I had never used them before. Such as when I see yellows, pinks, browns, reds and blues etc (on skin colors). I tend to go with very generic colors instead due to my inexperience and fear of ruining what I have at that certain point. That in turn makes very flat artwork that doesn’t really exist in a realistic sense. It may look good with anime/manga characters but once I apply such colors to real life people, it just doesn’t look right.

One other thing to mention is that due to that fear I also end up making very muddled artwork that just ends up looking dirty. Copic Markers are great, but they do have their limitations and one has to know them otherwise one can mix colors that don’t combine well or one can also over work the colors to the point that they make very dirty colors. This of course does no good to the final picture. One good example of this is the Macross artwork I did a while back;

Human Culture’s Songstress
Print now available.

When you are working with something that requires alot of concentration, detail, colors and experience. It is easy to understand if one messes it up. For one I am assuming the colors and ignoring the ones I see in the actual reference pictures (as can be seen here);

After learning what not to do, I decided to actually give it a try and paint what I see instead what I think it should be.

With all that said this is the finished piece:

Rockies Memories resize

And here is the process of how I drew and painted this new piece.






















































Let’s talk about the broken Camera.

Before I started recording this watercolor piece I had dropped my camera which sadly cracked my lens. That is noticeable on the first videos I recorded. So I had two options, buy a new camera or try and fix it. Hopoing I had not damaged the  sensor I ordered a replecement lens. It took a while to arrive, so half of my recordings have that crack. When it arrived I was debating whether I should finish painting this piece first or if I should fix it before continuing. One concern was that if I messed it up and couldn’t fix it, I could very well end up with the camera in even worse condition.

After some thought I just decided to go for it. And that took a bit of time to get done, but since I have some experience from fixing some of my other electronics it didn’t take long for me to figure it out. It did take me three times to hook up the ribbon cables (which gave me problems that of course freaked me out a bit). Luckily it was all working well when I properly hooked them up and the rest of the videos did not have that crack.

As for the paints.

I decided to use some of the money I made from NanDesuKan and buy some paints that I have been interested for a couple of years. (I’ll talk a bit more on some of these things later.) Those paints are Nicker Poster Color. The way they can cover a whole area completely opaque but can also be thinned out really caught my attention. And the idea that I can paint on top of what I have already painted while still being completly opaque. I still haven’t tried them out yet, but if they work like I think they do it will be my dream medium.


Fall is here, and October is here. So that means that I should make the effort to make some pieces with those themes. Since I am in October, I should make some Halloween themed paintings. I actually have one that is already drawn out since last year. I was planning on finishing it for last years Halloween, but decided to learn how to use colors first then come back to it so that I could do a much better job. Of course I could wait to get better, but I feel this could be a good learning experience now that I know a bit more. Hopefully I won’t mess it up, but I have to not be afraid to try new painting techniques.

Aside from that I do want to make maybe two more new ones. I just haven’t decided what character to choose or any ideas of what to do.

But those are my plans, I will have a midterm soon so I hope I won’t hit a snag.

That’s it for now.

Hasta la proxima,


What have I been working on?

Well after the last convention I started to see all my weaknesses and decided to go ahead and focus on getting my skills stronger and at a higher level. Although I feel like my drawing skills have reached a good level, in the end if I produce a poor coloring job it will ultimately bring down the quality of the work completely. Every potential of what that drawing could acheive  will suddenly disappear. In the end, that coloring job could just completely destroy it all and end up a mediocre mess. Which is sadly what happened to my work (or at the very least most of it).

So on top of making my drawings better, I have to put a great emphasis on how color works as well as the utilization of light and darkness. Most of my earlier work had to do with black and white only. Of course I was influenced by manga and that type of artwork. I learned quite a lot doing that, but I completely neglected color. And now I am struggling to get a hold of it now… Not that I can really be surprised by it though, I saw art as just a hobby and only thought of it as something I would do for my self. The idea of doing it as a career was something I really didn’t see my self doing at all. The closest I ever got was thinking of being a photographer, and even then…

Well you reap what you sow. Now I have to pick up the slack and really focus my efforts into it. Fffhhhmmm… Looking back just a couple of years ago after high school when I began thinking of becoming an artist, not even then I put the effort to really take color seriously. I felt it would be something I would pick up quickly. But as time would soon let me know, that wasn’t the case. I tried developing new techniques but they all seemed to produce very rough and mediocre results. I also had my ego get the best of me. I forced my self not to see what others were doing in order to get the understanding of it all on my own. I wanted to be completely self-taught. That… was stupid. Time is precious and reinventing techniques that have already been invented is simply quite stupid. I don’t have time to wasted anymore. I have to push forward and prove to my self that my work is actually worth investing my time, efforts and future into. Because let’s face it, if I can’t sell my work then I should just find a new profession. As much as it is nice to say that I should be making art only for my sake, that doesn’t provide a chance to live in this type of world. I need to make it viable.

This year I’m really pushing forward trying to achieve my goals. I started my own business, I attended my first conventions (though they did end up in failure) and experimented on what kinds of things potential customers will want. The piñata was a total failure… The quality I fell was there, but the price and actual product kept people away. of What use is a  piñata going to be to the average consumer? I was warned that I would fail for all the reasons that the people at the convention made very clear. So even though I did definitively learned that it wouldn’t work, it was at the cost of very precious time that I could have used to work on other activities like getting better with coloring and drawing.

One thing I learned at the conventions was that most of the anime I tend to gravitate towards doesn’t have a big following at these conventions, and if you do find someone they may not have any money to buy anything or not even find your work to be worth it. With that in mind I have to make sure to offer work that is popular but of course that I also like my self. I don’t like doing work (unless commissioned of course) of things I don’t know anything about since I like to make my work reflect on the series by adding a story to it that fits.

I guess, there lies another problem. My consists of a a story or theme that those who see it will perceive, but not everyone really cares for this. Many people sometimes only care about the character, the theme and background are all really not that important. Only the better artists (compared to me anyway) can pull what I’m trying to pull off right. Most art I see at conventions are quite simple and showcase the characters in either some inside joke, meme or of course fan-service… But I wan’t to be good enough to not rely on that (even though this is what customers want… so really what I’m doing is completely due to my selfishness). One thing to keep in mind is tha no background give one the chance to produce more works since doing a background takes a lot of time, especially if it’s done traditionally. But I feel I should keep doing backgrounds and get better at them even if I end up not using them later one because it will help with me getting better as an artist. So despite all the reasons against it I will continue forward with making them.

One of the first things I did when the convention ended was practice digital painting for about a month (one of the reasons I was absent here for so long). I wanted to finally sit down and learn how to use my bamboo tablet. It took a while but I started to get the hang of it and also picked up shortcuts on the keyboard along the way which sped up the workflow by a large margin. My painting style is still very much based on traditional techniques so I had a hard time. It’s doable but to make the transitions from one color to another is something I have to work on.

What I have developed is a traditional and digital approach where I do as much as I can traditional and then finish it up digitally. I have decided to cut as much of physical media away from what I will offer clients to make it easier and also more cost effective. This way I don’t have to worry the client with shipping fees and whatnot (physical copies will still be available for those interested and other physical items will aso be available as I produce them, it will become more clear what I’m talking about when I actually show you some other time). What I mean by this is selling digital copies of my work instead of physical prints. Don’t know if this will work, but time will tell.

I plan to produce Youtube videos again, but that will have me making them over the coming months and then posting them in a somewhat stable schedule. But I wan’t to make high quality content that also integrates other things to my format that I currently have. That with me actually producing quality artwork will take time. So when I will be uploading these videos is still unclear, but I hope it will be worth the wait.

On top of that I have also started drafting the book I have been planning to work on since I was in high school. I have enough ideas, notes and experiences to go ahead and start working on it. as I continue working on it I’m sure my drawing skills and storytelling skills willl increase alongside it. When I have enough good material I will make sure to update you guys on it.

Well those have been my activities and thoughts recently, I will upload some of the work I have worked on and have been working on at a later date so you guys get a tasted of what I’m currently developing. That’s quite a lot of projects I have going on huh? Some harsh times fast approach but it’s not something I will shy away from. I’ll continue pushing forward and make this all something I accomplish.

Sorry for the long post. (wonder if anyone will read it to it’s entirety?)


Hasta la proxima.


I’m back… finally

Well didn’t plan that absense but I got really busy again and also just wanted to focus on some growth as an artist that I was truthfully just putting on the backburner thinking it would be ok to continue in that way. Of course, that came and caught on to me which is why I had another failure when I attended the COAF (that second anime convention I attended a while a go now). It did bum me quite a bit, I won’t lie. But it was for the best. I was taking old work from a couple of years ago that I was really just experimenting on and really that had no place in a selling environment… So I will start again and try my best to produce top quality work. Though I don’t really plan on attending another artist alley. They are quite boring. It’s much more fun actually attending it and walking around. I’ve got a whole lot more respect for them (the artists that attend anime conventions) now.

Well, once that convention was all over I decided to rethink my strategy and change some things. I will make that clear soon. But what I can say is that I want to grow exponentially in skill. I have a ways to go, but now I have a stronger motivation to do so. I promised my self that I would accomplish my goals, and I will. No use in making excuses or analyzing everything. Let’s just get better and do. That’s something I have forgotten how to do since I got out of high school. It’s time I bring back that type of dicipline back in my life.

That will be all for now.

Hasta la proxima.


One more year…

So one more year of life has passed by again… this time I didn’t really make a drawing though… I guess I will instead use this yearly post for something else, to talk about, well, life. Not all of it, because I probably will not stop writing. No instead it’s about things that influenced me and thoughts about what I should have done differently.

For one, I have always liked drawing. I don’t really remember a time when I wasn’t drawing at least once a year. Sadly though I didn’t really like showing my artwork. Not because I wasn’t confident in my artwork but because I didn’t really like others to make remarks before I was done with the drawing. People always had some remark about what I needed to do. Although people might not know, I’m actually a really proud person (though others might just call it petty) so I didn’t want others to take credit for what I was about to do. For that reason I tended to draw when no one was present and hid the drawing when someone entered the room while I was drawing (this had some really bad repercussions , which I will touch upon later).

Despite my “shyness”, I actually did built a reputation at school for being good at art.

“will continue this tomorrow.”