One more year…

So one more year of life has passed by again… this time I didn’t really make a drawing though… I guess I will instead use this yearly post for something else, to talk about, well, life. Not all of it, because I probably will not stop writing. No instead it’s about things that influenced me and thoughts about what I should have done differently.

For one, I have always liked drawing. I don’t really remember a time when I wasn’t drawing at least once a year. Sadly though I didn’t really like showing my artwork. Not because I wasn’t confident in my artwork but because I didn’t really like others to make remarks before I was done with the drawing. People always had some remark about what I needed to do. Although people might not know, I’m actually a really proud person (though others might just call it petty) so I didn’t want others to take credit for what I was about to do. For that reason I tended to draw when no one was present and hid the drawing when someone entered the room while I was drawing (this had some really bad repercussions , which I will touch upon later).

Despite my “shyness”, I actually did built a reputation at school for being good at art.

“will continue this tomorrow.”

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