Traditional X Digital (Color) IV

Here is the next project for the Traditional X Digital series. This one is different in that it is a somewhat recent piece. I had it originally as a rough draft, but I guess at some point I forgot that and added way too many details to it. It was also originally going to be a drawing that I would make for a Youtube video as a request. But if I remember correctly I ended up drawing a simpler drawing with no background for that. I wonder if the requester even saw that video…

In any case, as I was working on some other work, I remembered I had this piece that just needed a couple of detailing and shading to bring it back to live so that I could color it digitally. This was specially important because the sketchbook I use is a really cheap one that has very sensitive paper. Since I only make rough drafts on it I don’t mind, but since it does contain this one piece that I don’t feel like redrawing since it looks quite good and has a lot of detail, I decided to just finish shading and polishing this piece.

Despite taking some care, as expected I did end up creating some rips all around the drawing. Which kinda sucks, but I should be able to revive it digitally. For now i should just focus on shading and finishing this piece. Since this one actually is an original piece I should be able to put it on my gallery (assuming it comes out great). So please look forward to that.

Here are some scans:

Lelouch I resize

If you look around the drawing you should be able to see the rips I sadly made on the paper as I was working on it.

Lelouch II resize

Well, that’s it for today. I will keep working on it, and hopefully will be done soon.

Hasta la proxima,


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