Pokemon Ghost Girl Artwork

So I have finally finished the Pokemon Ghost Girl artwork. I was going to do it fully out of watercolors, but I decided to instead touch it up with my Copics which made it pop out even more and gave it a cleaner look. I have tried this before, but I think I have now finally started to get the hang of it so that they can blend seamlessly. Before I had to use so much of my Copic ink since I was still unsure of what I could do so that the colors didn’t look too washed up. Of course this also has to do with me using better watercolors (kuretake gansai tambi). With these I can make the colors do exactly what I want. They are still not as vibrant as the Copics so I do have to rely on them when doing dark backgrounds. But they are great when doing light ones.

For this drawing I decided to do another Halloween themed drawing. Although this is not tied down by it. It should fit at any time of the year since it’s just spooky and it has to do with Pokemon. At the beggining of the year I decided to do a drawing somewhat like this (just as stated in the post before this one). But seeing as I can do both characters I decided to make them two different art pieces. When thinking about the Pokemon Ghost Girl, I started thinking of what importance she would have for the future Pokemon game/s. Seeing  as though she is looking for a certain person. I decided to focus on that. I had her in a room as if waiting for someone. And to make it fit a spooky atmosphere I decided to add ghost Pokemon. To not use up too much space with the Pokemon, I decided to use ghost Pokemon in their first form.

As for colors, I decided to play around with the blues. The main idea is keeping the light and darkness clash against each other but making sure that they blend well together. What do you guys think? Did I accomplish it?

Pokemon Ghost Girl I resize Pokemon Ghost Girl II resize Pokemon Ghost Girl III resize Pokemon Ghost Girl IV resize Pokemon Ghost Girl V resize Pokemon Ghost Girl VI resize Pokemon Ghost Girl VII resize Pokemon Ghost Girl VIII Final resize

Also, here are my Youtube videos for this drawing in case you want to learn or just want to see it.

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