Starting the second phase of the Artist Project!

Alright, now I feel that I am ready to start phase two of the Artist Project. I have accumulated enough artwork that I feel it can be presented and sold to people locally. I luckily have a friend that is in a college anime club, so I will start there. I also have another friend that works in a Mexican restaurant, so I will work on a couple of more art pieces that I can offer them so that it doesn’t look out of place. I have two pieces that I can offer right now and two more that i can work on and finish. But I want to at least work on two more pieces that actually have some color… So that one is still not ready. I have to start pushing my art a bit more starting now. And the best way to do that is locally, after all, some people only deal with local artists. This will be the second step on increasing my name. Hopefully this helps kick start my popularity. But of course, talent and good work are the most important things in this world. So I have to work on getting even better.

Aqui voy!

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