Strange fireballs in the sky. 11/1/15

No sound because there was really loud music in the background. Don’t want to risk getting flagged. Besides, there was no apparent sound coming from the lights, and if there was the cars and music made it unnoticeable.

I was ordering something to eat from a “lonchera” when suddenly we all (all that were waiting there) noticed some strange light going up high into the sky. It was illuminating it’s surroundings quite well, there were very sparse clouds at the time which were only noticeable because of the light emitted from this strange light. Then all of a sudden as it reached high into the sky it was later revealed that it was more than one. As can be seen there were four strange lights. I don’t know if you guys will be able to see it, but these lights looked a lot like fireballs. The strange thing is that they weren’t just falling down. But it seems like they were dancing, maneuvers maybe? It was quite strange. It felt like these lights were being controlled. My phone had broken recently so I had to use my dad’s who was right next to me. But since I wasn’t used to his Motorola I wasn’t able to capture the whole thing. If you look closely you can see the tails of the balls of fire?

Did any of you guys see these, or anything like it. And if so, what do you guys think it is?

By the way, I was looking North when looking at these lights.

Also, here are some photos I shot while setting up the phone to take video (click to enlarge):

IMG_20151101_181058860 IMG_20151101_181105286 IMG_20151101_181109072

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