The videos for How to Draw Manga Redraw Pen and Tone is live

Main video:

Extended version can be seen here:

On April 8th there was a twitter challenge to redraw the character from a “How to draw Manga” book. The book they were talking about was a different one that I didn’t use my self. When I grew up, I used a the version distributed here in North America by Digital Manga Distribution. I know that the whole point of the challenge was to try and redraw that character, which is… well look at him yourself:

But I was thinking more in terms of retrying to draw a cover that I had once tried to draw when I was a kid. I didn’t quite get the contents of the book themselves, I was more interested in the cover art done by Kazuaki Morita.

In the end, I actually ended up finding that drawing I made years ago:

Man, that reversed hand is just…

Here is the current attempt:

The background music/sounds are from old trailers that I tended to hear from anime that I rented from my local library. People from my generation will know exactly what I’m talking about. Luckily, there are people online that are uploading these now classic anime history. Much like how AnimeCollective is doing. Link to each of the songs used and their respective trailers are below.

“Yumemiru Ai Tenshi” by  by Ai tenshi densetsu Wedding Peach Trailer from ADV Films:

Media Blasters Trailer from Twin Signal:

“Wake Up” by Chisato:

“Treat or Goblins” by Megumi Hayashibara:

“Soramimi Cake” by Oranges & Lemons:

“Yuzurenai Negai” by Naomi Tamura:

“Carnival Babel” Takada Band:

I ended up only watching two of these anime. Blue Seed and Azumanga Daioh. I’m surprised I still haven’t seen Magic Knight Reyearth.

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Berserk Unit 02

I have been planning painting the other Eva units when they go berserk. This time though, I went for a complete digital painting. Rewatching the scene when Asuka activates the berserk mode is quite heart wrenching in all aspects. Specially since even then, she was completely overpowered and wrecked. Even now it’s hard watching her suffering that much. The end of Evangelion version is quite different from the rebuilds which I could also paint at some point, Although I would probably opt for a complete body since it has very interesting angles and poses. In this portrayal of the berserk scene in the End of Evangelion, I did a what if Asuka could over power the lance and destroy the mass produced Evas.

This painting was also done using the Real Tapered Wet Flat Brush, just as was done with Airi’s painting. Except for the background which was done using the Tapered Oils brush.

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I’m back, some updates (liked by Miyabi) and a quick drawing of Goku celebrating

I think I mentioned this before but I have been quite busy lately with my other job and building my desk PC which took me 4 weeks to complete. Had I had a bit more time to work on it I think I could have completed it in two weeks but such is life. Now I have more workspace since I added about 6 inches on the contour of the desk (minus the front side) so that I could clamp my three monitors thus giving me all of my original (about) 4 x 3 feet to use with all of my supplies that I would use as I work. I actually just made the finishing touches yesterday so I wasn’t really even able to use the desk till today. So far I’m really happy with the way it is all set up and because I made the outside contours on the sides so that I could clamp down my monitors I can now fully see all of the screen on both sides as I work on my XP-Pen which I of course left on the center. I’ll show some pics of it and the setup at some other time.

Way back in, whoa, May 28th (it’s been that long after all huh) I uploaded my painting celebrating Buono! To my surprise on June 8th I actually got a like from Natsuyaki Miyabi! Man it feels nice to know that the person you decided to make a painting of has seen your work. But to also get their approval of it is quite nice. I’m really glad my feelings of appreciation for her work has reached her.

Here is the painting just in case you missed it. And here is a link to the original post.

While I was getting some supplies for my desk PC I stopped by a nearby dollar store and came across some small vials with cork caps. I got a set of two of the 6 packs so that I could store some pre mixed inks and watercolors that I could use when working with linework/outlines. For today I made a set of ink that got lighter and lighter for when I want to use different levels of black to gray inks. I have my diluted ink that is still quite dark in my original container and a set of 5 vials containing the newly created ink. I also made a reference sheet to show me the intesity of the ink within each vial and a date of when they were created just in case one of them runs out and I have to create a new batch which of course might not be the same as the previous one. Since it was running a bit late when I was completely done getting my worspace ready I decided to make a quick drawing. Since it was all about testing the desk I of course decided to go traditional (plus I also got to try out my inks, although I only used my base ink for this drawing). I’ll try to see if I could make a quick drawing every weekday for the rest of the summer on top of whatever new paintings I decide to work on. I already have an idea of the first piece I will be working on (hopefully starting tomorrow).

Here is that Goku drawing I did. Maybe I should have made some lines to express movement but overall I’m quite pleased with the results (was a bit scared that I wouldn’t be able to draw as I liked since I hadn’t done it in about 4 weeks).

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Airi Suzuki Color pencil

The plan was to try out the other color pencil set I had but the colors weren’t right for the drawing I decided to do. But my Prismacolor set did have the right colors so I decided to use those instead. I was surprised at how amazing they were. I was having a lot of problems with them back in the day I remember, but I guess that was just my inexperience. Having said that, I’m nowhere near as good as the artists that specialize in color pencils. I was recently looking at the artwork of michaelfreemanpastelartist. He specializes in using pastel pencils it seems, and his art is photo realistic. It’s really amazing. I guess if I practice for a bit I should be able to improve a great deal my self, but my plan is to focus more on watercolors when it comes to traditional art. Instead I will use my color pencils as support. This has been the plan for a good bit, but I’ve never really used them together before. Maybe I’ll make that my next project.

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Luke vs Vader Corel

This is a repaint of the original color pencil drawing I did in 2018. This newer version was painted in June 2019. I really don’t know why I decided to wait this long to upload it though. Thinking about it, I still have some more I haven’t showcased yet.

The tagline I had in mind when I first created this piece was rebellious (yankii) son vs stern (military) father.

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First attempts at using G pen

This was originally drawn in July 26.

I’ve never used a dip pen till I drew these. I didn’t know exactly what I would be able to do so I went with a simple design. Then on September 3rd I decided to try giving it a simple painting process I believe using Photoshop.

Personally I liked the way Sayu’s ink drawing turned out.

First the ink drawings:

Michishige Sayumi First Manga pen drawing III

Kamei Eri:

Kamei Eri Second Manga pen drawing II

Sayu’s drawing painted digitally:

Sayu pen work I digitally painted simple

I was wondering how much color I could actually work with, but since I was unsure I went with really simple colors. I like the way it looks but I really want to do things differently now. I wonder what colors I could use. The problem of using things like black pens is that it limits one through values. I’ll have to practice a bit and find out.

Here are the references used:

I was thinking if I should draw her eating the chicken wing but decided to omit it and instead gave her a similar expression since I really like how she looks in this photo.



Thinking back I’m quite amazed at how much I can do now after Inktober. I never would have guessed that I would not only be able to draw freehand with ink but that I would feel quite comfortable doing so. I still do mistakes from time to time but it isn’t too bad now. But since this was my first time and I rarely work with a permanent medium like ink when drawing I used a pencil to do the rough draft and primary line art.


Michishige Sayumi First Manga pen drawing I

Michishige Sayumi First Manga pen drawing II

I really like her expression and the way she looks right into one’s eyes.

Michishige Sayumi First Manga pen drawing III

Sayu pen work I digitally painted simple

Kamei Eri Second Manga pen drawing I

I was contemplating what I would do about adding shading to her hair but I was too worried I would have messed it all up so I decided against it. Looking at it now I could have done so many things differently and add more details to make it all pop out more. But for a first attempt it isn’t too bad, the lines are just too rough.

Kamei Eri Second Manga pen drawing II

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