Another year has passed, I am a hopeless dream chaser.

Man, this year went by quite fast… I can’t believe I’m already a year older. I feel like I have to do much more this year. Since I was in high school I had some plans set out for when I got to around this age. So now that I am a year away from that age, I have to make sure I  accomplish those goals. One year to make this long Artist Project a complete and utter success. This year was a good one. I made a lot of great progress over all and was able to officially launch this site. I made a decent amount of sales, and got my name out there a bit more than before. Overall I guess I can’t complain over the progress I made this past year.

But that doesn’t mean I should slow down and feel that it is good enough. I still have much more work to do to make this a viable source of income that I can live off of completely. And for that I had some strategies that I had been working on over the last five years. I didn’t make use of them because of my lack of skill and money. But that has been steadily been getting better to the point that I am confident I can make it work properly now. Those plans will be completely revealed as I unleash them. But overall it has to do with offering my services locally, creating advertisements for my college, business cards and a couple of more things that will be disclosed shortly.

This year I hope to go all out and show what I am capable of, I want to prove to myself that this was the right decision. And that following your dreams should not be something to be afraid of pursuing. It takes a lot of work to make it a possibility, specially when one doesn’t know how to go about it. But with trial and error I managed to pick up quite a bit of knowledge on the matter. Now it is just a matter of executing it. I may fail, but I will learn from each time I fall and pick my self up and try it all again knowing what doesn’t work. It might take me five tries per strategy, but I will get it eventually. And what works I will be posting it up here so that those who wish to follow this path have something to guide them on their own journeys. It might not be the best guide, but at least it is something that could give them an idea of what to expect so that you guys who are also hopeless dream chasers like me can grasp a future where you are doing what you love.

Thank you all who have been following my progress and hopefully getting some help with my experiences.

(usually I do a drawing for my birthdays but I have a test and have been busy with other engagements so I won’t be able to do it this year)

Here’s hoping for another great and even better year!


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