DarkCloudXERO Let’sDraw Episode 1 Misaka MIkoto cool eyes

Video is finally up.

School and work sure dragged things out longer than it should have…

Plus all the new opening and closing animations were pretty time consuming. But that was all groundwork that I can now just edit for the new videos. One thing that will probably set me back still is recording commentary for the videos. That I’m not used to at all. Hopefully I learn to relax when recording so that I can do it faster and with little mistakes. We’ll see…

These are the reference pictures:



“cool eyes”:





I tried a couple new things for the way I presented the video such as having the reference pictures appear as needed and zooming in and out of the sections that I would be drawing. Hopefully that becomes useful for those who use my videos to learn how to draw (and entertaining for those who just enjoy watching these types of videos).

I think I will just draw for this videos (there may be special exceptions from time to time, it depends on how good and fast I become) so that I can make them quickly and specially so that I can work on my own projects on the side, which I haven’t really had much time to do (though I do have some that I want to show you guys soon).

As for music, I’m really into Vaporwave and Future Funk (specially City Pop which is where Vaporwave/Future Funk sampled their songs from). Just as this video was uploaded I got a couple of copyright claims for the music used in the videos. Which I expected. I’m not really going to rely on Youtube monetarily, I already got denied that ability since my videos and subscriber count weren’t high enough according to their new guidelines. So these videos are really more of a hobby. Hopefully people do learn from them, because I know I have doing them (in more ways than one).

In any case, the music can be found here (formated as Artist – Album):

Yung Bae – BAE :

Yung Bae – Japanese Disco Edits :

Nanidato – Mobile Sailor Gundam :

Night Tempo – Pure Baby Maker [Rewind] :


Name of the songs are in the video itself.

That should be it for now, I’m currently working on a new project for school which requires me to read another book. But at least I don’t have to do another powerpoint presentation again so it shouldn’t be too bad (though I still have to write another paper about it). Aside from that I am going to be working on another video as well. I already recorded so it’s just a matter of editing which should’nt be too bad, it’s the recording of my voice that really gets me. But if I don’t do it I wont get better, so I just have to grit my teeth and do it.

As mentioned before I did work on some new art pieces, nothing really new, they are just practice pieces. I will upload and talk about them later.

Hasta la proxima,


XERO DRAWING – Levi Ackerman


suggestion redraw/request: Tessa Sansom

Shorter version can be seen here on my main channel:

Longer version can be seen on my second channel:

Image used as reference can be found here

A couple of years ago I had drawn and colored a rather bad drawing of Levi Ackerman. It was suggested that I should maybe redraw Levi and try to make a better version of it. I was dealing with various things and practicing new things, I didn’t get to it till now. I want to make more videos so I decided to go ahead and draw it finally.

Hopefully someone finds it usefull.

A series of videos where I help people draw. I make these videos on requests. So if you need help drawing someone or something, leave a message.




Title: Epic
Artist: Bensound
Genre: Cinematic
Mood: Angry
Download: http://goo.gl/bFTwWp

You’re free to use this song in any of your videos, but you must include the following in your video description:
Music by BENSOUND http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-…
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0

Epic – Bensound: https://youtu.be/ae8FyeVc7qk

XERO DRAWING – Kaname Kuran

I accidently used a watercolor paper and didn’t notice it till I had uploaded the video… No wonder I couldn’t really blend as much as I thought I could. On top of that, I somehow made Kaname look… younger? There’s something about the face that just looks off. Maybe lowering the mouth and nose down? Hmmmm…


Normal short version on my main channel:



Extended longer version on my secondary channel:


request by: Mia S

I chose this pose since it seems like something Kaname probably would do (without even being embarrased to do so).

It’s funny, I was at the store and was surprised to find the complete collection of Vampire Knight including Guilty (right now I’m trying to buy all my favorite series so of course I picked it up). Just when I got out of the store and looked at my phone I happened to get this request for Kaname. Quite serendipitous.

If you have any questions or comments write them down below.

I’ll have a longer version on my other channel here:

A series of videos where I help people draw. I make these videos on requests. So if you need help drawing someone or something, leave a message.




Title: Solo Cello Passion
Artist: Doug Maxwell, Media Right Productions
Genre: Classical
Mood: Sad
Download: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/…

New Opening and Ending for the Channel

So I have been out for a bit, well only a couple of days. But fear not, I was actually working on some more work for the Artist Project. I had mentioned before that I wanted to start uploading videos up again to Youtube, but I also wanted to do new content as well. The first thing I wanted to do though was to create a new Opening and Ending for the channel. But I wanted some more interesting visuals than what I usually had by using the easy to use effects given in programs like Windows Movie Maker and the very basics of what I knew from Sony Vegas Pro. This meant that I had to sit down and actually learn some new techniques.

It sounds easy to say, but one of the reasons I wasn’t able to do it before was because I had too much information pop up. This wouldn’t be a problem if I wanted to learn from the very beginning, but since I had something specific I wanted to do I just felt like it would take too much time to get to the part I was interested in learning. Having said that, after playing around with Vegas for a couple of months now I have gotten used to the basics on my own. So once I had an idea of what I wanted to do, I just went and searched for that very thing. Thanks to this new Opening and Ending, I learned a lot of amazing things I can do with a program like Sony Vegas. Along the way I also learned a lot more techniques so that I can fully utilize Photoshop. This was a very insightful project.

I will probably make a post of the process I took to make this video in the near future, so please look forward to that.

Here is what I was working on:



This will be the new Opening and Ending for my videos. For any of you Jackie Chan fans out there, you will notice that I am paying homage to his earlier films of the 80s and 90s. Background is from the beautiful artwork from Oboro Muramasa. I couldn’t find any clean backgrounds, which sucked. But this pretty much forced me to learn some new techniques in Photoshop, so I am thankful for that. It took some time but I managed to clean them up and leave nothing but the background intact.

I took a bit of time to get to learn how to use Sony Vegas Pro and Photoshop to make this video possible. Now that I have this done I can once again start working on some new artwork and finally start uploading some Youtube videos.

There will be a couple of tweaks I will make to this intro and ending, but overall it is the finished product.

Hasta la próxima,


A little change of plans regarding the Youtube video

I have had an idea for my Youtube videos for quite some time, and instead of just postponing it till later I will just do it. I’d say I am at a level that I can now do work that I will be happy with and that won’t take incredibly long times to make. So I will just go for it. Keeping that in mind, it will probably take a bit to get it ready and done. So I will keep working on my other artwork and projects so that I don’t leave this website without updates again. I really want to keep this place as alive as I can.

For this coming week I will try to work on and upload some new artwork and also some of the Digital x Traditional coloring updates. Please look forward to that.

Hasta la proxima,


Will upload a new Youtube video soon

I have been wanting to revive my channel for a while now, and I will be editing one soon. It will have a different format from other videos before, so hopefully it won’t be too jarring. The videos will focus on the Artist Project that I am implementing and supplement the documentation of my progress. I also want to touch on other subjects like artwork and artists that I like, talking about my artwork a bit and even why I drew that piece in the first place. The whole point is to let people know about my self and my thought process when creating artwork, and hopefully helping other aspiring artists in their own quest to become better or even take the plunge and try and become professional artists as well.

Hasta la proxima,


Pokemon Ghost Girl Artwork

So I have finally finished the Pokemon Ghost Girl artwork. I was going to do it fully out of watercolors, but I decided to instead touch it up with my Copics which made it pop out even more and gave it a cleaner look. I have tried this before, but I think I have now finally started to get the hang of it so that they can blend seamlessly. Before I had to use so much of my Copic ink since I was still unsure of what I could do so that the colors didn’t look too washed up. Of course this also has to do with me using better watercolors (kuretake gansai tambi). With these I can make the colors do exactly what I want. They are still not as vibrant as the Copics so I do have to rely on them when doing dark backgrounds. But they are great when doing light ones.

For this drawing I decided to do another Halloween themed drawing. Although this is not tied down by it. It should fit at any time of the year since it’s just spooky and it has to do with Pokemon. At the beggining of the year I decided to do a drawing somewhat like this (just as stated in the post before this one). But seeing as I can do both characters I decided to make them two different art pieces. When thinking about the Pokemon Ghost Girl, I started thinking of what importance she would have for the future Pokemon game/s. Seeing  as though she is looking for a certain person. I decided to focus on that. I had her in a room as if waiting for someone. And to make it fit a spooky atmosphere I decided to add ghost Pokemon. To not use up too much space with the Pokemon, I decided to use ghost Pokemon in their first form.

As for colors, I decided to play around with the blues. The main idea is keeping the light and darkness clash against each other but making sure that they blend well together. What do you guys think? Did I accomplish it?

Pokemon Ghost Girl I resize Pokemon Ghost Girl II resize Pokemon Ghost Girl III resize Pokemon Ghost Girl IV resize Pokemon Ghost Girl V resize Pokemon Ghost Girl VI resize Pokemon Ghost Girl VII resize Pokemon Ghost Girl VIII Final resize

Also, here are my Youtube videos for this drawing in case you want to learn or just want to see it.

Yuzuki Yukari – “Halloween Pumpkin Smash” Youtube videos

As mentioned before. I have started to record myself drawing my artwork again. I wont be doing it all the time. But I will be trying to do it at least twice a month or so. Again, it also depends on whether I get request on Youtube. I plan to make another Halloween video aside from this one.

Anyway, here is the Yuzuki Yukari video. There are two versions, a short fast version and a longer slower version that is easier to follow.

Main video: 

Secondary (long) video: 

I do apologize. Looking through the video I noticed that the camera’s safety strap falls into view at the start of the video, and there was a mistake with my emblems popping up a bit earlier than it should. But seeing as it takes massive amounts of time to render an hour long video I decided to just leave it as is and pay more attention next time. I had a lot of difficulties starting up the video. I mentioned before (I think), that I upgraded to Windows 8.1. That means that I had to re-install some programs and transfer some files over to my computer from my external hardrive. And that ate up some time. But, now I have everything set up and ready to have the raw videos just plugged in modified and rendered just like the old times.

Hope this helps the people that wish to learn from my style.

I will add another post later today to let you guys know what I will be working on next.


Plans for October

So here is just a couple of plans for this month. I have three Halloween drawings I have in mind, two that will hopefully please everyone, and one made for me. Aside from that I have one drawing request on my Youtube channel for Yuzuki Yukari. I will probably have that as a Halloween themed drawing as well, but I’m still not sure yet.

Well, that’s all for now. Off to work on them now.


I’m finally back!

Sorry, man can’t believe I disappeared for about a month. But I was working on some projects (entering more contests on Deviantar). But I really don’t feel they are worth putting up here. I felt a bit weird drawing some of them so I wasn’t really able to produce anything that can be considered “good”. To be honest I used it as a chance to experiment on a couple of new techniques and see why some of my artwork looks so bad when I outlined them with a pen. And I have found the answer. If I don’t make the colors in the drawing simple and instead add a lot of details like I tend to try and do, it doesn’t mesh well and looks really bad. So I finally solved that mystery (though was it really that hard to figure out?).

I have been uploading some of my artwork to Pixiv, surprisingly I have not been doing abysmal there. Having been there for just a couple of weeks I have already obtained a couple of followers, something that took quite a while in deviantart. My views have not gone over 300 yet, but that’s something I hope can change soon.

This was my last artwork by the way:

Shiori Hattori edit resize

It doesn’t look bad, but it does need some polishing (this was a contest entry by the way). I noticed that Copic markers don’t react too well with Bristol paper. There seems to be some blotchiness and that is a bit annoying. On the plus side it does give way to using it in conjunction with color pencils.

I also want to revive my youtube channel, but that will have to wait a bit more.

In any case, I will be working on some more artworks so I will keep you guys updated.


How to draw Misaki Ayuzawa’s Face I-IV

If you have any questions let me know in the comments.
I placed no audio track so please listen to your own music as you watch.
Hope this helps at least a couple of you guys.
I have a couple of other videos in store regarding Misaki Ayuzawa’s face. So please look forward to that.

On another note, tomorrow I will upload some rough drafts of my next artwork. So I hope you look forward to that.