3d Gundam Project V FINAL

It took longer than expected, but getting sick was definitely something that didn’t help. But after some good extended sleep (which is why I didn’t have this post yesterday, sorry), I have finally recouped my energy and am no longer feeling lethargic.

Over all this project used a lot of different techniques. I felt that the adding of actual tangible objects were easier to incorporate than the drawings/2d art themselves. But that was because I had to make both the 3d sections and 2d artwork mesh well together, and for a good amount of time it didn’t. After trying out somethings, I noticed that if I increased the contrast in the 2d artwork, it would pop out much more and would meld with the 3d objects. I did this by increasing the darkness of the drawings so that the lighter areas would appear more like highlights. I also added black where I could and this this increase the effect more.

You can see this in the pictures posted below. They are bit fuzzy because of the lighting, but I tried to correct it with the final piece itself.


Over all this style is not perfected yet, I have other techniques I will try out next time I do something like this. But over all it came out great.

Now that I have finally finished this piece I can start thinking about other projects I can pick up. There are two contests I still want to enter, so I will start working on those.

Till next time,


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