3d Gundam Project V FINAL

It took longer than expected, but getting sick was definitely something that didn’t help. But after some good extended sleep (which is why I didn’t have this post yesterday, sorry), I have finally recouped my energy and am no longer feeling lethargic.

Over all this project used a lot of different techniques. I felt that the adding of actual tangible objects were easier to incorporate than the drawings/2d art themselves. But that was because I had to make both the 3d sections and 2d artwork mesh well together, and for a good amount of time it didn’t. After trying out somethings, I noticed that if I increased the contrast in the 2d artwork, it would pop out much more and would meld with the 3d objects. I did this by increasing the darkness of the drawings so that the lighter areas would appear more like highlights. I also added black where I could and this this increase the effect more.

You can see this in the pictures posted below. They are bit fuzzy because of the lighting, but I tried to correct it with the final piece itself.


Over all this style is not perfected yet, I have other techniques I will try out next time I do something like this. But over all it came out great.

Now that I have finally finished this piece I can start thinking about other projects I can pick up. There are two contests I still want to enter, so I will start working on those.

Till next time,


3D Gundam Project + other Updates IV MINI

The project is now officially finished. I showcased it to my client and he was really pleased with it, which is great. I have some other duties to take care of, so I will post pictures and other comments tomorrow. I was feeling rather nauseous  and light headed all throughout this past week, it was especially bad today. I’ve noticed that I had insect bites every week for a while now. And looking around I found a nest of spiders around my bed. I guess the venom is now taking effect. The heat these past few weeks hasn’t made it easier either. I just cleaned my room which was full of materials and art supplies that I was using for the project, but now that is finally cleaned out. Now I just have to make sure no more spiders are near my bed, which is hard since it is right next to a window to the outside that has spiders right on the other side of the wall….

Anyway, I have to study a bit for my class tomorrow, so until then.


3d Gundam project Update III MINI

Alright! I have finally finished the drawings for all the Gundams/Mobile suits that I will be using for this project. Now I just have to color them and arrange them so that it all gets finalized. I had to make some changes which is why it took a bit longer than expected but all is going well. I also found some more materials to make this piece even better. But that will be shown later (probably when I’m done). Man, this last week has been quite hectic. But I have managed to still make progress on this project which is already in it’s final stages.

Here are the scans of what will be used for this project so you guys get an idea of what is going to be used.

3d gundam project ii resize 3d gundam project resize

Well, till later.

3D Gundam Project Update II + Other thoughts as an artist

As stated before, I am currently working on a new commissioned work. For this one I decided to do something a bit different and add 3D elements to my work. So it will have a mix of different techniques I have acquired thus far. I used a variety of tube, straws, wires, cables, computer parts and a lot of hot glue. Over all I really like the way it has turned out. But I still need to add the Gundams and mobile suits themselves to this battlefield before I can feel like the project has made and good progress. After all, I still am hoping for a end of the week finish. I’d say it’s doable.

DSC_1481 DSC_1486 DSC_1485

I have been tempted to leave it as just a G Gundam inspired piece, but since the original piece is what made my customer want one. I will continue with the original plan of making it a mixed series piece.

What do you guys think?

As for some thoughts that are completely unrelated. I have been working hard to become a pro artist. And although the definition of an artist being a pro is someone who is payed for their services, I still feel… lacking. I wan’t more, I want more customers so that I am completely sustainable with my art. And I know I am being selfish wanting all of this so fast, but my circumstance require it. As one grows older responsibilities manifest themselves whether one wants them or not. And that can make one’s pursuit of this career path a long shot not just for the many others around one that see it as a pipe dream, but to oneself as well. After all, at the beginning of this path, well, things are quite tough and stressful. Unlike other jobs/careers, one is not instantly and steadily rewarded for one’s feats and efforts. No, for the most part it is unpaid and lacks a lot of benefits. Being an artist is tough and definitely not for anyone. But for those that do decide to stick around, there is a reason. And that is to make one’s dream come true. We see everyone else that has given up on their dreams and instead decide to pursue the “normal” and “real” jobs that society has deemed so. Meanwhile those of us who have chosen other paths going away from the norm are seen as just taking an excuse not to work. It can be quite stressful. But we know that what we are doing is a gamble that can have repercussions later on. But I decided to gamble everything on this, and I will not falter so easily, I just hope, I can bring some results from my hard work.

Vamos, XERO!,

Hay nos vemos.


New 3D Gundam project update

Here’s a bit of a sneak peek at the commission I am currently working on. My customer liked this piece from a couple of years ago:


What I had in mind for this piece was to have it translucent and have light shine through from the back to really make it shine and pop out. But I needed a lot of more experience at the time to pull it off. Looking back and I have a lot of ideas that could have made it work. But in the end I instead painted the background with black paint and added more details like stars, explosions, etc. with some watercolors. It actually doesn’t look bad at all. I noticed that the colors on the Gundams/Mobile Suits have faded quite a bit (this was because it was in an art gallery that was hit by the sun at almost all times of the day directly. That is a shame.

Anyway for this next project I plan on making it a bit three dimensional to add some depth and to play around with the skills I have acquired these past years. I will keep you guys updated on the process. So far about a week has passed by. Hopefully this is a two week project.

Some pictures of what I have so far.

DSC_1422 DSC_1423 DSC_1424

see you later,