New 3D Gundam project update

Here’s a bit of a sneak peek at the commission I am currently working on. My customer liked this piece from a couple of years ago:


What I had in mind for this piece was to have it translucent and have light shine through from the back to really make it shine and pop out. But I needed a lot of more experience at the time to pull it off. Looking back and I have a lot of ideas that could have made it work. But in the end I instead painted the background with black paint and added more details like stars, explosions, etc. with some watercolors. It actually doesn’t look bad at all. I noticed that the colors on the Gundams/Mobile Suits have faded quite a bit (this was because it was in an art gallery that was hit by the sun at almost all times of the day directly. That is a shame.

Anyway for this next project I plan on making it a bit three dimensional to add some depth and to play around with the skills I have acquired these past years. I will keep you guys updated on the process. So far about a week has passed by. Hopefully this is a two week project.

Some pictures of what I have so far.

DSC_1422 DSC_1423 DSC_1424

see you later,


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