3D Gundam Project + other Updates IV MINI

The project is now officially finished. I showcased it to my client and he was really pleased with it, which is great. I have some other duties to take care of, so I will post pictures and other comments tomorrow. I was feeling rather nauseous  and light headed all throughout this past week, it was especially bad today. I’ve noticed that I had insect bites every week for a while now. And looking around I found a nest of spiders around my bed. I guess the venom is now taking effect. The heat these past few weeks hasn’t made it easier either. I just cleaned my room which was full of materials and art supplies that I was using for the project, but now that is finally cleaned out. Now I just have to make sure no more spiders are near my bed, which is hard since it is right next to a window to the outside that has spiders right on the other side of the wall….

Anyway, I have to study a bit for my class tomorrow, so until then.


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