Update 9/7/15

So that big commission is finally accomplished. Now I have to start on the next projects. Truth is I haven’t been working on any new work yet. That is because of two reasons. This past weekend was Nan Desu Kan, an anime convention that was held downtown this year. So I was there from Friday to Sunday. In my free time I was migrating all my data to my external hard drives because I decided it was time to upgrade my computer to windows 8.1 since it was more efficient and would make my computer’s reaction time quicker. And I just finished doing that. Ah, I almost forgot. I also have to study for my test on Wednesday. So that has been my day all of today. I just finished studying and adding all the drivers to my computer, well almost all. I still need two more. But that shouldn’t take long.

Anyway, after I install the drivers, next would come reinstalling all my programs. But that definitely shouldn’t take more than the morning tomorrow. Then after a bit of studying I will finally start on the next artwork and let you guys know about it.

In any case I leave you guys some pictures of some of the cosplayers I took pictures of. In fact, I might talk about some other things I found interesting about the con next time I give an update.

DSC_0176 DSC_0179 DSC_0183 DSC_0188

I’ll leave you guys with these for now, I’ll post some more next time. By the way, if you guys click on the pictures of any of my posts it should take you to the original size that I uploaded if you want to see it better.


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