Inktober 2022 31 Yura Final

Day 31, it’s over! I need a break… Inktober 2022 has truly been something. I felt a power up this year. I’m pretty sure I can do 3-4 drawings a day. Inking and painting of course not included. I wanted to make sure I inked today’s drawing, since it’s the last one. I’m not sure which drawing took longer to ink, Meimi’s or Yura’s.

I chose Yura because my brother finally gave Inuyasha a chance. When I saw Yura, a bunch of memories began flooding back. I used to have such a crush on her, sad she got killed right at the start.

I actually had another drawing ready of Angerme sketched out and ready to be inked. I had the bright idea to make three drawings today, but I guess I was a little burned out and wasn’t working fast enough. Yura was a last minute idea that I had to plan out, sketch and ink all in the same day.

Another year, another Inktobber fully completed. Till next year Inktober.

Hasta la proxima,


3d Gundam Project V FINAL

It took longer than expected, but getting sick was definitely something that didn’t help. But after some good extended sleep (which is why I didn’t have this post yesterday, sorry), I have finally recouped my energy and am no longer feeling lethargic.

Over all this project used a lot of different techniques. I felt that the adding of actual tangible objects were easier to incorporate than the drawings/2d art themselves. But that was because I had to make both the 3d sections and 2d artwork mesh well together, and for a good amount of time it didn’t. After trying out somethings, I noticed that if I increased the contrast in the 2d artwork, it would pop out much more and would meld with the 3d objects. I did this by increasing the darkness of the drawings so that the lighter areas would appear more like highlights. I also added black where I could and this this increase the effect more.

You can see this in the pictures posted below. They are bit fuzzy because of the lighting, but I tried to correct it with the final piece itself.


Over all this style is not perfected yet, I have other techniques I will try out next time I do something like this. But over all it came out great.

Now that I have finally finished this piece I can start thinking about other projects I can pick up. There are two contests I still want to enter, so I will start working on those.

Till next time,


Aqua, Terra, Ventus “The challenges of the outside world” Update III Final

I’m finally done with my Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep drawing. I had it mostly done a couple of days ago actually. But I decided to hold off on it since I was still unsure of a couple of details. I’m glad I did because I feel I actually made it better. So for one, I added some more details with my color pencils and then I also used a new tool this time. I recently bought a black and white carbon pencil set. They work really well, specially the black one. It’s really soft and dark. Also I can spread it out to my preferences to add shadow effects and darken any colors quickly and efficiently. I really recommend it.

Once I had it all in order I darkened a couple of colors and areas using that carbon pencil I was talking about. After that I noticed that I would be able to produce an effect I was thinking about when it came to Ventus and specially Terra. I wanted to show that darkness was present in both, though it engulfed Terra so I added some black aura/shadows/mist around their bodies. But I also wanted Aqua to remain untouched by it but still in the midst of it since they are her friends and also her responsibility. I’ll talk a bit more about what I wanted to convey through this drawing a bit later. One thing I wasn’t really sure about was Ventus’s hair. I just didn’t like the dark outline at all. So I decided to add a bit of white highlights with my white pen. Luckily it came out rather well. So before I explain anything about it, here are the pictures.

Aqua Terra Ventus FINAL resizeAqua Terra Ventus IV resize Aqua Terra Ventus FINAL iii edit II resize Aqua Terra Ventus FINAL iv edit II resize

I will add a bit more to this later.

What do you guys think?


How to Draw Challenge – Vincent Valentine

request: BladesOfMunch
And so we have another character from Final Fantasy VII, this time it is Vincent Valentine. The mysterious and cool character with a rather harsh past. Everytime I see him I get the feeling he has a combination of both a vampire and shinobi. Personally I prefer his other style (the one before he had the experiments done on him) but he does look cool none the less.

It has been a while since I last drew with just pencil so I really wanted to do so now.

Hope you enjoy it,


How to Draw Challenge – Tifa Lockhart (COLOR)

If people do not know who she is then they have at least heard her name or seen her face (and body) at some point or another. Tifa is one of the most iconic game characters out there today. The fact that she is extremely beautiful and can kick you silly are two main reasons that I like her. I can’t help but find strong and dependable women to be attractive. Even way back when, when I was barely getting into the whole anime and manga lifestyle, I was already becoming a fan of Tifa after getting a glimpse of her in Advent children (at that time I had barely started to play Kingdom Hearts and learned a bit about Final Fantasy).

Since requests are no longer piled up and taken cared of I can now start drawing some things that I am personally interested on. This being one of them. Just to let you guys know (the viewers who take their time to stop by my channel to see my videos every week) I will not be posting another video for about a week, so the next one will be next Saturday (this will happen anytime I do not have any requests). I am doing this because I am trying to master new mediums and finally announce a project I have been working on for a while now that I cannot wait to show you guys. I truly hope you guys understand. Now as for this drawing, I actually drew this about a week ago but I decided to take care of requests first.

Over all I really liked how it came out, but I do want to go ahead and fix a couple of details that stick out a bit too much. The main thing that bugs me is that her face seems to give off too much shine, this doesn’t really look good since it gives the impression that she is oily. And the other details are small ones that I couldn’t do in the video because if I got too close to the camera my head would block out everything. And seriously who would want to see my head instead of the drawing.
Until next time.

Hope you enjoy it,