Unit 01 Beast Inside

Here is the drawing for this week, Unit 01 from Neon Genesis Evangelion. I was pretty much done with it yesterday, but there was something that kept bothering me about my drawings. The fact that they look so unrefined. I knew why that was of course. I did not blend the colors anymore. This happened because I decided to practice doing this so that I could increase my abilities without the need to blend them, that way once I decided to go back and put some good effort into my work I would be able to produce some amazing stuff. Sadly I got so used to doing this that I had almost forgotten the blending techniques I had developed. And because of it I have to start all over again. I gave it a try for this drawing which came out pretty well (though it looks unfinished without a background, I’ll have to do something about that from now on). Now that I have remembered a couple of my old techniques and about blending colors, I will try to bring out some better quality work from here on out.

Hope you look forward to it.


Print Available
Print Available

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