How to Draw Challenge – Yoko Ritona (COLOR)

request by: XxCherryAngel
Sadly another unfinished drawing today. I was running out of time because of various circumstances, and had to stay up really late just to upload it. It was so bad I actually had to leave my computer on so that I could go to sleep. But never the less I managed to upload it. There really isn’t much I have to fix, it is just a matter of adding some darkening in some areas especially the hair so that there is more contrast and just plain looks much better. Despite that final step I’d say this is definitely one of my best works. The drawing although it did take me a bit of time was actually not too bad. I had decided to work on speed drawings but after noticing that such actions really hurt my work and thus ruining the video I decided to just draw normally and eventually and naturally get faster and more efficient. To no surprise after a year I can produce some good quality work with little to no effort. I have yet to master coloring but I’d say it does not look too bad at the moment. In time I am sure to get better.

In any case, although I have not seen Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann I have heard of Yoko Ritona. The internet and Youtube is filled with her, so it is kind of hard to have not at least seen a picture of her. Whatever my feelings and thoughts may be, I actually was excited to draw her. Hopefully I did not dissapoint.

Hope you enjoy it,


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