How to Draw Challenge Tomoyo Sakagami and Kotomi Ichinose

request by: rilly2222
This drawing was strangely easy and hard at the same time. While doing the main outline I was actually breezing through quite nicely. It did not look too good but I knew that I could just fix that once I added some shading.

While finishing up Tomoyo and started on Kotomi things started to get complicated. No matter what I did it just did not seem right. Despite knowing the problem I just wanted to try and see if I could perform the impossible of making it look good but I guess that just was not going to happen. In the end I decided to just give up and fix the problem once and for all so I could move on to the rest of the drawing. That dilemma was of course the eyes, once you see the video it should be very apparent.

There were actually a couple of details I have to fix like the overall head size of Kotomi and add some more detail to make it seem like Tomoyo and Kotomi are walking past each other while someone is taking a picture. I have not seen the anime or read the novel but from the information I gathered I figured it would happen something like this.

Hope you enjoy it,


Title: リスタート(restart) – | Signals for restart | Creative Commons | Free Download
Artist: epopsan
Licensed to the public under:
verify at:

All the content (artwork) is mine except for the music.


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