How to Draw Challenge – Vanitas (Unmasked Glare) (COLOR)

Request by: BladesOfMunch

Vanitas, one of the hardest bosses in Birth by Sleep. Especially in the secret Vanitas stage. It was definitely unexpected when we found out that the face underneath the mask was that of Sora, and yet it also made perfect sense seeing as both Ventus and Sora are connected by an amazingly strong bond.

I decided to place Vanitas in a leaning back against a wall kind of pose with his helmet off (as requested). I almost made a couple of mistakes when drawing the face. Since the helmet was completely off he wouldn’t have the metal remains (which is actually the helmet but without the black protective shield). It’s kind of hard to explain, but to those who are really observant and actually know what I’m talking about Im sure will understand.

My drawings as they are, are still incoplete without backgrounds so I might have to do something about that. But with the current camera I have now that runs out of battery rather fast, it’s kind of hard to do it in one session which is already taking ridiculous amounts of time. So I might have to do it in seperate videos. What do you guys think?

Hope you enjoy it,


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