Sora and Riku playing with Obscurus ( ArtByKarenEHaley Entry )

I’ll start off by saying that I want to enter this into the “Professional” category.

The characters are from Kingdom Hearts (specifically Sora and Riku) and the the other character in the tv screen is Obscurus (my Original Character). I’ve also added a photo of Kairi in a poster posted on the wall (giving the impression that she is an idol, or something similar).

I don’t know how others see things when playing games, but I feel like I am right along side Sora (or Riku in the latest installments) on his adventures. In other words we are “hanging out with each other” (sorry I know the description is kinda weak, but I hope you guys get the point). So I thought I would reverse the position and make it seem like Sora and Riku are playing alongside Obscurus on his adventure. In this case Sora and Riku are playing versus mode. Riku having beaten Sora too many times decides to play blindfolded and is still sweeping the floor with him.

Hope you enjoy it,


How to Draw Challenge – Vanitas (Unmasked Glare) (COLOR)

Request by: BladesOfMunch

Vanitas, one of the hardest bosses in Birth by Sleep. Especially in the secret Vanitas stage. It was definitely unexpected when we found out that the face underneath the mask was that of Sora, and yet it also made perfect sense seeing as both Ventus and Sora are connected by an amazingly strong bond.

I decided to place Vanitas in a leaning back against a wall kind of pose with his helmet off (as requested). I almost made a couple of mistakes when drawing the face. Since the helmet was completely off he wouldn’t have the metal remains (which is actually the helmet but without the black protective shield). It’s kind of hard to explain, but to those who are really observant and actually know what I’m talking about Im sure will understand.

My drawings as they are, are still incoplete without backgrounds so I might have to do something about that. But with the current camera I have now that runs out of battery rather fast, it’s kind of hard to do it in one session which is already taking ridiculous amounts of time. So I might have to do it in seperate videos. What do you guys think?

Hope you enjoy it,


How to Draw Challenge – Aqua (After the Battle) (COLOR)

I disappeared once again, and I apologize for it. But I am now close to being finished with my newest project, so I hope you guys look forward to that.

And so the time has finally arrived for me to draw Aqua from Kingdom Hearts. I have been realy looking forward to drawing her for such a long time. After playing Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep she definitely became my favourite out of the three new heroes. Her powers just like her personality were gentle and balanced, creating the strongest and most prominent character in this arc. Her involvement in this story was so great that without her the story might have ended at just that, having Xehanort winning the battle between light and darkness. I can’t wait to see her in Dream Drop Distance and witness what other feats she will accomplish.

As stated in the video I want to hear your comments on which version of the drawing you like more. The light drawing or the dark one?

Hope you enjoy it,


KINGDOM HEARTS 3D -Special Trailer-

I can’t believe that it has already been ten years since the appearence of the first Kingdom Hearts Game. It has been a long time but filled with great memories. Those times I spent playing the game were filled with a lot of happiness and dreams. Whenever I turned on my PS2 to play it my problems just seemed to fly away, to be replaced with the wonders and magic cast by Sora and the rest of the cast. I really owe alot to Kingdom Hearts, after all it has been a great part of my childhood and was also a great motivator in my current pursuits to become an artist that also creates a story to go with my pieces (I’ll talk about this project a bit more on another post).

Two days ago SQUARE ENIX just released a new trailer for the upcoming installment of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance or Kingdom Hearts 3d for short. Just like last time we get another long preview of what the game will look like, but most importantly will leak a bit of what the story will deal with on this new journey. The last trailer really surprised me, especially since we saw the addition of characters from The World Ends With You. But this, this just blew me away. We get to see alot of the characters that appeared throught the whole journey, finally being able to meld with one another. All the other games (kind of obvious I know) were leading up to Kingdom Hearts III, and Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance is the glue. Althought it has been said that they are in a different dimension (which will probably mean it didn’t “really” happen, but will help open the truth to what happened since Xehanort desided to take over Kingdom Hearts as well why he probably delved into the darkness).

I do wonder though, if they are going to use Passion as the theme for the game as shown in the trailer? I really love the songs used up to now, but it would be nice to have Utada Hikaru create another masterpiece for the series. Although seeing how she is in hiatus I doubt it will happen for this installment. I am sure that she will definitely make one for Kingdom Hearts III which I am sure will be officially anounced pretty soon. I do like the fact that they keep Utada Hikaru as the main singer though, I am sure that SQUARE ENIX and a lot of fans see Kingdom Hearts and Utada Hikaru as a set. So to get another singer would probably not work as great as it has done so far.

Here is the trailer from the SQUARE ENIX page on youtube, enjoy and let me know what you think:

How to Draw Challenge: The Fourth – Kairi (real life)

So why Kairi from Kingdom Hearts? Well aside from having an urge to draw her in a while already, some other reasons popped up. As many of you may know already, the next installment of Kingdom Hearts is making it’s appearance this year. And my webpage has been getting quite a couple of hits because of some of my Kairi drawings. So what better excuse to draw her do I have?

To make things interesting I decided to draw her realistically. Sure her cgi form is not too far off but it is still not quite there yet. So to make this possible I have decided to use two references for this project.

This famous scence at the end of Kingdom Hearts II:


This beautiful cosplayer:

For this video I recommend listening to “Kairi I”, “Kairi II” and “Kairi III” from the Kingdom Hearts OST.

Hope you enjoy it,


Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

I have been waiting for the new installment to the Kingdom Heart saga. After playing Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and replaying Kingdom Hearts II I am all psyched up to play Dream Drop Distance. The artwork, gameplay, story and feel that Kingdom Hearts possesses is what makes it my all time favorite game series of all time. Here is the new eight minute version.