How to Draw Challenge: Black Star

Request by: key1197

Before I begin, I would like to apologize for taking a week off. I was working on a very important project and it took me alot more than I expected. But now that I am back I will be uploading videos as much as I can. starting of course with the requests.

To start things off I will be drawing Black Star. Now I was only given the name Black Star so hopefully I got the right character. When searching the internet for references I got a lot of diversity of images, seeing as this black star had the highest amount of appearence (for the anime catergory anyway). I went ahead and drew this guy. I had heard of Soul Eater before but have not read nor seen the anime until just this week. I gotta say the artwork is interesting. I really liked the halloween motif that the background carries, but like most manga and anime’s these days, it seems to rely alot on fan service (I know that isn’t a bad thing, but I seriously prefer good story to fan service any day). The story isn’t too bad, I guess it is mostly for laughs but I just didn’t get too into it after reading the first volume. I’ll check at least two more volumes and see where it goes from there, after all, most series start off slow and rough until eventually they begin to pick up speed and get amazingly good.

Hope you enjoy it,


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