Inktober 2022 31 Yura Final

Day 31, it’s over! I need a break… Inktober 2022 has truly been something. I felt a power up this year. I’m pretty sure I can do 3-4 drawings a day. Inking and painting of course not included. I wanted to make sure I inked today’s drawing, since it’s the last one. I’m not sure which drawing took longer to ink, Meimi’s or Yura’s.

I chose Yura because my brother finally gave Inuyasha a chance. When I saw Yura, a bunch of memories began flooding back. I used to have such a crush on her, sad she got killed right at the start.

I actually had another drawing ready of Angerme sketched out and ready to be inked. I had the bright idea to make three drawings today, but I guess I was a little burned out and wasn’t working fast enough. Yura was a last minute idea that I had to plan out, sketch and ink all in the same day.

Another year, another Inktobber fully completed. Till next year Inktober.

Hasta la proxima,


Inktober 2021 Day 31

Happy Halloween everyone! Although by this time it’s pretty much already over. Hopefully you guys had a great time. Today also marks the last day of Inktober. I got out somewhat early today from my other job so I decided to make multiple drawings for this special day. I was having a hard time deciding who to draw for the last day and just decided that there was no reason to just choose one. So I made three instead. I was actually going to make five… but that was pushing it.

For today, I decided to draw Karin Miyamoto in a maid outfit (super cute), Airi in her Sailor Moon cosplay (I’ve been craving to draw her for such a long time now) and Momochi in the outfit she used for the 2016 NTV Halloween Live event.

Didn’t have time to hatch or ink them today but I at least managed to finish the line art.

In terms of Inktober anyway, see you guys next year. Hopefully you guys enjoyed my drawings this month.

Hasta la proxima,


Inktober 2020 31 Crawl Skull Knight

Today’s last drawing for inktober and for Halloween is Skull Knight. Although it makes perfect sense, it’s still sad to see that someone else also suffered because of the God Hand. It’s poetic that both the king and Guts donned the Berserker Armor, which also means that the armor is really old as well. I wonder what the coming chapters will bring us.

Inktober is finally over! Happy Halloween everyone. Stay safe.

Hasta la proxima,


Inktober 2020 29 Simone de Beauvoir

Since I first saw the teasers of Nier Automata back when I had yet to play the game, I had seen a segment of Simone. The song was beautiful and the way it fought looked amazing. And when I actually got to play it, I knew that I had to draw her at some point. It’s a shame it took me this long to actually draw her. I was thinking of inking it, but I still don’t know what I will do later with it so I will leave in as line art.

Hasta la proxima,


Inktober 2018 #31 Osaka Knife Final Day!

I… made… it….. ヘ(。□°)ヘ

I guess it was a bit tougher than I thought after all…

This time I had the idea of Osaka from Azumanga Daioh. Since it’s Halloween I kept remembering  the scene where she had a knife. It started with that then I eventually evolved to what I ended up with. But because I didn’t really have anything in mind I just made up things as I went along. Eventually it turned out kind of like a slasher movie scene. I wonder how I could have made the background look better though? (・_・ヾ

So, yeah that perverted lolicon teacher was a thing. I remember laughing a lot at it when I was a kid but now as an adult… that situation truly is very spooky scary skeletons. Poor Kaorin. (●ฅ́дฅ̀●)

In any case, Happy Halloween!


While I was drawing Kimura sensei and I put him behind the bush I noticed too late that the position of his hands were in a rather … dangerous position so I had to change that in any possible way which luckily didn’t look too bad.  ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑ ˂ᵒ͜͡ᵏᵎ⁾✩

References used:

Osaka knife XII



kaorin II Inverted







It was at this point that I was seriously in a spooky situation so I had to think fast and fix it.


Doesn’t look good now at all but I was hoping that the future me at that point would be able to fix it.











Welp, that’s it for now. This Inktober experience was quite enjoyable but it was also … stressful? I had to keep this rhythm going which was comforting but there were times where I didn’t have enough time to work on any drawings so I had to rush it and try to beat down the clock and also upload it here, Pixiv and Twitter. Yet despite everything I managed to do it.

I’ll try to be a bit more consistent with my updates from now on but using color is something that still takes me a while to do. I hope to be able to do so at least once a week.

In any case,

Hasta la proxima,




Because I’m not popular I will get possessed

I thought that I had uploaded the process for this piece when it was only a drawing. But maybe not, I couldn’t really find it. In any case this is the final painting which was first drawn traditionally then painted over with Photoshop. Traditional X Digital. This is going to be a long post… Hope you enjoy (๑ ˊ͈ ᐞ ˋ͈ )ƅ̋

The original drawing was made quite a while ago but I don’t remember when exactly. Looking at the picture properties it says it was on May of this year but I’m pretty sure it was at the very least done last year… In any case I was thinking of doing it traditionally but cleaning it wouldn’t be enough to erase my mistaken lines. So I decided to hold off till I could paint it digitally in a competent way.

Because I'm not popular I will get possessed resized

This is the line art (which I later had to clean digitally… that took a while (๑⁺᷄д⁺᷅๑)◞՞):

Because I'm not popular I will get possessed V

References used:








This is the neighborhood photo I used for reference (I had edited the colors using Photoshop but I made the mistake of not saving it…. ◍´Д‵◍ )


I wanted to use this color scheme at first, but did use it for inspiration over all.


Rough draft (this was the original idea I had and worked from this):

Kuroko rough draft

Kuroko II rough draft

Kuroko III rough draft

Kuroko IV rough draft

This is the drawing process (Looking at the placement and tools, this truly was a while ago):
















So with the drawing done, finally after so many … months… here is the color process:

Watamote Honedge I

Watamote Honedge II

Watamote Honedge III

Watamote Honedge IV

Watamote Honedge V

Watamote Honedge VI

Watamote Honedge VII

Watamote Honedge VIII

Watamote Honedge IX

Watamote Honedge X

Watamote Honedge XI

Watamote Honedge XII


So at this point I remembered and figured it would be as good time as any to finally fix Yuu chan who I drew too big. If I remember correctly this was one of the reasons I decided to paint it digitally.


Watamote Honedge XIII

Watamote Honedge XIV

Watamote Honedge XV

Watamote Honedge XVI

Watamote Honedge XVII

Watamote Honedge XVIII

Watamote Honedge XIX

Watamote Honedge XX

Watamote Honedge XXI

Watamote Honedge XXII

Watamote Honedge XXIII

Watamote Honedge XXIV

Watamote Honedge XXV

Watamote Honedge XXVI

Watamote Honedge XXVII

Phew… 〝〇〟⊂(`・Δ・´)⊃〝〇〟

That should be all.

Hasta la proxima,


Inktober 2018 #24 Kuroki Tomoko

I really love Watamote. And I really love the development of Kuroki Tomoko. She started out with a skewed view of the world and her place in it, but little by little she started growing up. I think most of the fans tend to resonate with her. We all probably had that moment when we thought or did rather embarrassing things that are hard to think back to, but (at least for me) those experiences make one learn and grow as a person. One can read the manga and look back to one’s own similar experiences and laugh back about it.

Sadly it seems like the anime didn’t rate so well so we only got a season. I loved the anime but it seems like it was taken as a series that was making fun of anime viewers (ahem… otaku…) and people with social deficiencies, would that be the right term? I can see where they are coming from, but for many people like me, it is the exposure and interaction with people that helps with overcoming these problems and looking back at those tough times as a funny moment of my life. But I guess for people who might be stuck in that position it may seem like something else. The OVA also covered some of these issues as well as making fun of the fact that a lot of the popular animes are made up of cliches and generic anime tropes.

All in all, if you haven’t already I truly recommend that you check out the manga which is still ongoing (and has gotten better as it goes) as well as the anime which is a treat to watch. I just warn that you have a strong stomach since it has scenes that are so embarrassing to watch one feels the second hand embarrassment in amazingly high amounts.

Highly recommend it. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


Here is the reference picture (as well as a little sample for those who haven’t read/seen it):


And here is the process:











Hasta la proxima,


Halloween/Fall Artwork; Ghost Girl by the window

I was hoping to do a bit more artwork for the seasons, that way I had a bit more to aim for and to just get into the spirit of the holidays around the year (I feel that if I continue not to do so the years will just continue to feel monotonous and boring). I might do another quick one for Halloween before the actual day. Though Dia de los Muertos is also approaching…

It’ll be fine…

I guess that midterm and the extra work that piled up really did a number. But that’s life I guess.

I want to be able to meld reality and anime a bit more, so I want to play around with that a bit more. And this is one of the paintings where I am giving that a shot.

I am wondering if the way I do watercolor paintings look good to others or If I should make them look smoother so that the grain of the paper isn’t as noticeable. I can do that a bit more if I use color pencils to go over the watercolors I already put in. I have used this technique before, but I want to get better with just watercolors first so that I don’t just rely on color pencils to fix my inexperience. Once I get better I will try to combine them again, but hopefully this time correctly.

In any case this is the painting in question:

Ghost Girl by the window resize

There’s something about the character design of the ghost girl from Pokemon X/Y that I really like. So that is the theme for this year’s halloween painting. I was also looking forward ot seeing if I could make her zig-zag mouth look like it could belong to our world (what do you guys think?).

The painting itself is largely inspired by this picture I used as reference:

Cosplayer: Cherry Neko


One other thing I really wanted to try out was seeing if I could choose the right color schemes despite the reference pictures having different colors. As I’ve mentioned before color is still something I’m struggling with. So this was designed to be a good challenge for me to play around with that. I’m still relying on references but I will learn faster this way, and I will have a better understanding of how colors work as well.

I’m starting to get the hang of watercolors a lot more, to the point that I’m no longer afraid to try new techniques and push ones I’ve used before further. I still get a bit frustated when the sessions go for too long and I can’t quite get it right, but that’s fine (nothing a little rest can’t fix).

Strangely enough I actually drew this picture various times (four times) and colored it twice. Once with Copic markers and the second one with watercolors which is the one you see above.

Here is the original sketch/drawing:

Here is the Copic version done with one of said four drawings:

Ghost girl 2017 I resize

The copic version exists because I wanted to first try out the color schemes that I thought would work. I did this because I didn’t want to use too much time painting only for it to come out wrong. And since Copics are faster to use and dry almost instantly it was a perfect medium to try out the colors. I was almost thinking of just using the Copic version as the final piece, but then I ran out of a couple of colors and buying replacements would be too costly so I just decided to start all over with watercolors. In other words I made this piece twice which is one of the reasons I haven’t posted in a while. But I’m finally done.

For those that are interested here is the process:

From this angle it look like a good start, but I would later learn that I had made quite a couple of mistakes.

Thinking I was pretty close to the end I noticed that the proportions were quite off. The head was much too big for the body, the shoulders were too small and so were the hips.

On top of that, after taking a break from painting when I came back I decided I needed to make even more changes to it.

And this was the final version I decided to go with:

Ghost Girl by the window resize

Well that’s it for today. Hopefully I can get another piece out before Halloween (though it will be simple if it is).

Hasta la proxima,



Quick Update 10/21/16

The deadline for voting on the winners of the art contest on DrawCrowd was yesterday on 10/20/16 and yet only the cosplay category winner has been announced… None of the actual Corel winners have been mentioned at all. That’s truly strange, I wonder if the winners have been notified yet? Having said that, there are two pieces that I feel should be first and second place (of course this is just my top picks).

For second place I would choose this one:

Artist – 녹충

She appears to be an artist from South Korea.


I really like the way it looks, it’s simple and gives a scene that would happen in real life.

My pick for first place:

Artist – Miimork

She appears to be from Thailand.


This one has so much going on. And without words you get a story out of this one image. I really like it and feel it deserves to win above all other entries. The description says it all though, “This is the illustration of my friend who’s studying architecture. Back to school, new project, and old friend.”

In any case, good luck to the winners.

As for my work? I have been uploading artwork to DrawCrowd in intervals and at different time periods to see when it is most effective. I started with a Reina Tanaka drawing, uploaded at night which got over a hundred views in a day. That amazed me.

It was this one:

Tanaka Reina photobook study
Are you interested in it as a print?

Uploading to Pixiv you barely get a hundred if that in about a week and let’s not even talk about the abysmal views on DevianArt. After I believe five days it is getting close to 500, amazing huh?

After that I uploaded an Ai Takahashi drawing about two or three days later in the morning. And that one exploded in views. In one day it got around 6,000 views! I’ve never had that many people look at my work in such a short amount of time. After two days it is getting close to 9,000 with two likes and one promotion.

This one:

Ai Takahashi pencil drawing
Are you interested in it as a print?

What does liking and promoting mean? DrawCrowd is pretty interesting in that you have two options to let the artist know how much you like their art. You have the standard like option. By liking an artwork you are making a personal and private list of work you liked while letting the artist know that someone liked their artwork. Promoting an artwork on the other hand compiles a public list that is shown in your profile showcasing artwork that you deem good enough to recommend. It’s a really good system that creates a chain reaction of exposing artwork that others that follow said artist might like as well.

Now back to the third piece I have uploaded thus far. The third piece is the Halloween painting of Yuzuki Yukari I made last year. I uploaded it today in the morning and it has already reached close to 20,000  views! In just one day! This site is incredible at giving exposure to one’s work. I’m really glad I decided to give it a try. It did so well in fact that it has made it to DrawCrowds daily ranking! These daily rankings are a list of artwork that are popular during a day and are showcased on the homepage of DrawCrowd giving the artist and art piece more exposure. I debuted at #195, so I still have a ways to go compared to other artists. I wonder if I can reach the top 100?

This one:

Yuzuki Yukari - "Halloween Pumpkin Smash"
Print now available.

Well that was a quick update. I also have another announcement but I will leave that for tomorrow. Till next time.

Hasta la próxima,



Yuzuki Yukari – “Halloween Pumpkin Smash” Youtube videos

As mentioned before. I have started to record myself drawing my artwork again. I wont be doing it all the time. But I will be trying to do it at least twice a month or so. Again, it also depends on whether I get request on Youtube. I plan to make another Halloween video aside from this one.

Anyway, here is the Yuzuki Yukari video. There are two versions, a short fast version and a longer slower version that is easier to follow.

Main video: 

Secondary (long) video: 

I do apologize. Looking through the video I noticed that the camera’s safety strap falls into view at the start of the video, and there was a mistake with my emblems popping up a bit earlier than it should. But seeing as it takes massive amounts of time to render an hour long video I decided to just leave it as is and pay more attention next time. I had a lot of difficulties starting up the video. I mentioned before (I think), that I upgraded to Windows 8.1. That means that I had to re-install some programs and transfer some files over to my computer from my external hardrive. And that ate up some time. But, now I have everything set up and ready to have the raw videos just plugged in modified and rendered just like the old times.

Hope this helps the people that wish to learn from my style.

I will add another post later today to let you guys know what I will be working on next.


Yuzuki Yukari Halloween Drawing

Back on my Youtube page I was asked to make a video drawing Yuzuki Yukari, a Vocaloid. I had already drawn her before, so I decided to try something a bit different and also try a different version (something I found out while looking for references). I believe she has three different outfits that correspond to different versions of her voicebanks.

Now, as I have stated before. Making a video out of a drawing takes some time. I’m not able to move about freely when drawing, and have to be mindful of what I do so that the camera is able to pick it up and in turn allows the viewer to watch and hopefully learn from my actions. It can get a bit annoying but oh well. I’m sure that with time I will be able to do it much quicker and easier.

As for the drawing, I decided to make it Halloween themed. I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to do with the background of this drawing. After all, I am still planning on making two more Halloween drawings… But after playing around with my rough draft, I finally came upon an idea and just went with it.

Yuzuki Yukari rough draft resize Yuzuki Yukari rough draft II resizeYuzuki Yukari I resizeYuzuki Yukari II resizeYuzuki Yukari III resizeYuzuki Yukari IV resizeYuzuki Yukari V resize Yuzuki Yukari VI resize

Print Available.
Print Available.

Video will be uploaded to Youtube and linked here as soon as I am done editing it (here’s hoping to have it ready by tomorrow).

In any case, what do you guys think?

Ashita mañana,