How to Draw Challenge: The Tenth – Hayate Ayasaki

Requested by: Killer1984able

Ahh, Hayate No Gotoku… Truly a series that has a special place among all the other manga I have read. The drawings can a be abit simplistic at points and the lolita exposure can be a bit unnecessary but aside from that I absolutely enjoy reading the story. The plot, the characters, and overall the comic relief that is portrayed really gives one the ability to forget the past troubles and just enjoy oneself by having a couple of laughs (this sounds a bit cruel since Hayate has to suffer so much, allmost every chapter, which is what makes it hilarious).

I really like Hayate because despite all the hardships (and that is putting it lightly) he somehow manages to go past it and still see a positive outlook through life. Something that I believe we could all learn about really. I mean who here has been sold to the yakuza so they could harvest our organs? I really hope things get better for him in the future, although I feel like the author will pull a fast one and kill him off at anytime he feels comveniant (although Hayate seems to be as indestructible as a gundam…). By the way the girls I feel best suited for him are; Izumi Segawa, Ruka Suirenji, and Sakuya Aizawa. Although I feel that the only person he should be with (even though he is a bit of an idiot who cannot see what is right in front of him) is Hinagiku Katsura. No, not just because she is my favourite character in the series but because she is so dependable and strong enough to actually hold her own if problems arise (which they will if Hayate is involved). Now I feel like drawing the other characters too.

For this video I recommend listening to: “Shichitenhakki Shijou Shugi ”

Hope you enjoy it,


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