How to Draw Challenge: The Tenth – Hayate Ayasaki

Requested by: Killer1984able

Ahh, Hayate No Gotoku… Truly a series that has a special place among all the other manga I have read. The drawings can a be abit simplistic at points and the lolita exposure can be a bit unnecessary but aside from that I absolutely enjoy reading the story. The plot, the characters, and overall the comic relief that is portrayed really gives one the ability to forget the past troubles and just enjoy oneself by having a couple of laughs (this sounds a bit cruel since Hayate has to suffer so much, allmost every chapter, which is what makes it hilarious).

I really like Hayate because despite all the hardships (and that is putting it lightly) he somehow manages to go past it and still see a positive outlook through life. Something that I believe we could all learn about really. I mean who here has been sold to the yakuza so they could harvest our organs? I really hope things get better for him in the future, although I feel like the author will pull a fast one and kill him off at anytime he feels comveniant (although Hayate seems to be as indestructible as a gundam…). By the way the girls I feel best suited for him are; Izumi Segawa, Ruka Suirenji, and Sakuya Aizawa. Although I feel that the only person he should be with (even though he is a bit of an idiot who cannot see what is right in front of him) is Hinagiku Katsura. No, not just because she is my favourite character in the series but because she is so dependable and strong enough to actually hold her own if problems arise (which they will if Hayate is involved). Now I feel like drawing the other characters too.

For this video I recommend listening to: “Shichitenhakki Shijou Shugi ”

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Ranka Lee Drawing

As promised here is my drawing of Ranka Lee. Sorry I posted it kind of late but it is in. It is not yet finished, especially since I am experimenting a bit on this drawing. For a change I decided to actually use some color. So since I think I have a hang of drawing with out many mistakes now, I am just drawing it from scratch using color pencils. Making mistakes now could pretty well cost me the drawing so I have to be extremely careful. What do you guys think of it so far?

Macross Frontier

I just finished watching Macross Frontier and I was just blown away. Not only did they pay homage to the original story a couple of times but the music and story was truly amazing. I was rather surprised at how much I like it. Having watched both the original Macross and Frontier, now I feel like watching all the series in between. When watching the story I sometimes felt that certain emotions that would later begin to gradually change over time. For instace, at the beggining of the series I seriously felt a bit annoyed my Sheryl Nome. But as the story proggressed  one could see just how austanding and comprehensible she really was. As for Ranka, I was a fan since the very beggining although it did waver a bit when she was sucked in by that evil women at the end. Thankfully she snapped out of it.

The pilots were really cool. They achieved a really good amount of action and cinematography on the battlefield on this series. Something that could not really be done on the original because of the limitations of technology and animation. I would really like to see a remake of the original series (not the “Do You Remember Love” version though, I didn’t really like it) I bet it would look really good with the abilities we possess at this moment.

I feel like I should do a sketch of Ranka… allright, I’ll put one up tommorrow.

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How to Draw Challenge: The Eighth – Valkyrie VF-1S – Hikaru Ichijo

First of all I apologize for not putting up a video on Wednesday, it got so late that day that I fell asleep while making it so I never got the chance to upload it. Sorry.

Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, truly a gem among all the anime series I have seen so far. I remember watching it when I was a child. It was truly an amime that really left an impression on my life. Even back then when I was really into Dragon Ball, Macross managed to beat it. The story, the action and the music was just so amazing that I was left craving for more everytime I finished watching an episosde. A couple of days ago I finished watching the whole original series and was reminded why I loved it so much. For those who have watched it in it’s Robotech form, please watch the original version you will not be dissapointed. There is just so much that was cut off in the American version that pretty much changed the whole series from it’s full potential. Despited being rather old it can still hold it’s own in this era (although that shouldnt be too hard considering most anime’s have just becalmed fan service machines with little to no story at all). The original Macross is definitely the best series I have seen from this franchise (although from the little I have seen, Frontier isn’t too bad).

For this video I recommend listening to: “Macross” the original theme song

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How to Draw Challenge: The Seventh – Sage-Chan

Request by: SageU

For this video I will be drawing the cute dancer, Sage chan. I was tempted to draw a picture of her where she had her face twisted in a rather interesting way, but alas I decided to draw her this way. This drawing still took me a while to draw but I did manage to shave off thirty minutes compared to my drawing of Yuka. I really enjoyed taking on the different shades in this drawing. I’d say that the face is still the most difficult part since it has to do with a lot of shadows and lighting. Oh, by the way.

You can visit Sage Chan’s channel here:

and her fan page here:

For this video I recommend listening to: “Gravity=Reality”.

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How to Draw Challenge The Sixth – Gundam RX-78

I’ve noticed that most of my drawings are of girls. Sure I can’t deny that I do prefer to draw girls and all, but I do need to have a bit of diversity. So on that note I will try and draw other things (and yes girls will still be drawn). The first on my list is … a Gundam. And what better Gundam to start off with than the father of all Gundam’s… Gundam RX-78. When looking for references I was amazed at just how much it has evolved since it first launched back in the 70’s. Now it has alot more details added to it which make it look really cool. References used for this drawing were model kits and the 1/1 scale Gundam erected in Japan.

For this video I recommend listening to: “Beginning by Daisuke Inoue “.

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How to Draw Challenge: The Fifth – Yuka-Pon

I had stumbled upon Yuka-Pon a while ago and could not help thinking, “She’s Cute”… I was thinking of making a drawing of her but because I had a lot of requests in my old account I was not able to do so. Luckily for me a contest of who could draw her best emerged. I chose to do this drawing because since it is a Valentines day theme, I sort of pictured her picking out her one and only out of a crowd of fans and admirers. Although I had a bit of a hard time capturing her beauty along the way for some reason. This drawing took me an unprecedented  three hours. Usually it takes me about an hour or less. Nevertheless I had a lot of fun drawing her and really enjoyed my time. I hope to draw her again someday.

You can find her youtube page here:

For this video I recommend listening to: “Strobo Night”.

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How to Draw Challenge: The Fourth – Kairi (real life)

So why Kairi from Kingdom Hearts? Well aside from having an urge to draw her in a while already, some other reasons popped up. As many of you may know already, the next installment of Kingdom Hearts is making it’s appearance this year. And my webpage has been getting quite a couple of hits because of some of my Kairi drawings. So what better excuse to draw her do I have?

To make things interesting I decided to draw her realistically. Sure her cgi form is not too far off but it is still not quite there yet. So to make this possible I have decided to use two references for this project.

This famous scence at the end of Kingdom Hearts II:


This beautiful cosplayer:

For this video I recommend listening to “Kairi I”, “Kairi II” and “Kairi III” from the Kingdom Hearts OST.

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How to Draw Challenge: The Third – Mio Akiyama

Today I am posting a video from my old account, the subject… Mio Akiyama from K-On. She is probably the cutest girl of the series and is pretty cool too. I really enjoyed watching her grow in the anime. Truthfully that hairstyle is just way too appealing, it should be illegal (thankfully it is not). What’s funny is that although she preffered to only be back up for the band she seemed to really have an affinity to be center stage and lead. I really hope to draw a new drawing of Mio in the near future.

For this video I recommend listening to K-On’s opening theme “Don’t Say Lazy”

Hope you enjoy it,


Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

I have been waiting for the new installment to the Kingdom Heart saga. After playing Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and replaying Kingdom Hearts II I am all psyched up to play Dream Drop Distance. The artwork, gameplay, story and feel that Kingdom Hearts possesses is what makes it my all time favorite game series of all time. Here is the new eight minute version.


How to Draw Challenge: The First – Kamei Eri

This is the very first video of the year. I seriously wanted to post this on the very first day of the year but in the end I could not so so. Reason being that I had to take some time to think things through before making any new videos. Since most of my old videos were destroyed I will be posting up my favourite ones as well as new ones of course.

Like my very first video on this channel it will have commentary to better engage the viewers. Right now it is mostly intruction, but I think it might be good to talk a bit about what I felt as I drew and any other thoughts that might have passed through my mind at those moments. I want to integrate my voice into the videos but I will wait until I have the right equipment so that it looks and sounds good.

I have decided to use only one song from now on for my videos (at least for now), I truly hope you guys do not mind. Aside from that I will also give some recommendations on what music I think would go best with the pieces that I am working on. In this case I believe that  Morning Musume’s – “Onna ni Sachi Are” would fit quite well with this drawing.

Kamei Eri is definitely one of my favourite Morning Musume members. There is something about her expressions that make her really interesting, not to mention how cute she is. It was really sad to see her go.

Hope you enjoy it,