How to Draw Challenge: The First – Kamei Eri

This is the very first video of the year. I seriously wanted to post this on the very first day of the year but in the end I could not so so. Reason being that I had to take some time to think things through before making any new videos. Since most of my old videos were destroyed I will be posting up my favourite ones as well as new ones of course.

Like my very first video on this channel it will have commentary to better engage the viewers. Right now it is mostly intruction, but I think it might be good to talk a bit about what I felt as I drew and any other thoughts that might have passed through my mind at those moments. I want to integrate my voice into the videos but I will wait until I have the right equipment so that it looks and sounds good.

I have decided to use only one song from now on for my videos (at least for now), I truly hope you guys do not mind. Aside from that I will also give some recommendations on what music I think would go best with the pieces that I am working on. In this case I believe that  Morning Musume’s – “Onna ni Sachi Are” would fit quite well with this drawing.

Kamei Eri is definitely one of my favourite Morning Musume members. There is something about her expressions that make her really interesting, not to mention how cute she is. It was really sad to see her go.

Hope you enjoy it,


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