How to Draw Challenge: The Fifth – Yuka-Pon

I had stumbled upon Yuka-Pon a while ago and could not help thinking, “She’s Cute”… I was thinking of making a drawing of her but because I had a lot of requests in my old account I was not able to do so. Luckily for me a contest of who could draw her best emerged. I chose to do this drawing because since it is a Valentines day theme, I sort of pictured her picking out her one and only out of a crowd of fans and admirers. Although I had a bit of a hard time capturing her beauty along the way for some reason. This drawing took me an unprecedented  three hours. Usually it takes me about an hour or less. Nevertheless I had a lot of fun drawing her and really enjoyed my time. I hope to draw her again someday.

You can find her youtube page here:

For this video I recommend listening to: “Strobo Night”.

Hope you enjoy it,


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