How to Draw Challenge The Sixth – Gundam RX-78

I’ve noticed that most of my drawings are of girls. Sure I can’t deny that I do prefer to draw girls and all, but I do need to have a bit of diversity. So on that note I will try and draw other things (and yes girls will still be drawn). The first on my list is … a Gundam. And what better Gundam to start off with than the father of all Gundam’s… Gundam RX-78. When looking for references I was amazed at just how much it has evolved since it first launched back in the 70’s. Now it has alot more details added to it which make it look really cool. References used for this drawing were model kits and the 1/1 scale Gundam erected in Japan.

For this video I recommend listening to: “Beginning by Daisuke Inoue “.

Hope you enjoy it,


2 thoughts on “How to Draw Challenge The Sixth – Gundam RX-78

  1. ChelsDOG

    Its me ChelsDOG from youtube. I’ve been gone from the interweb for long times. I was devasted when i found out your account was terminated. Is that it? Are you no longer going to make drtawing vids? Please keep making your drawing vids. As you got better at drawing I did to. I really enjoyed giving you request cause your one of the only youtube artists who anwser all requests. I know you probably feel down from having your account terminated. But you got to keep going for the the sake of people like me who cant draw like you can but hope so. Cause I still got a whole lot request that I cant draw alone.

    1. Well actually, I am still making videos. I have changed things a bit differently though. Right now I am making people give me their requests. And if 5 people give me the same request than I make a video for it. But there are some things I want to talk to you since you were one of my most active members on my old account. Send me an email, you can find it on my “contact me” page:
      Or you can pm me on my youtube account. By the way, I am not able to find your account for some reason. Is it still active?

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