Macross Frontier

I just finished watching Macross Frontier and I was just blown away. Not only did they pay homage to the original story a couple of times but the music and story was truly amazing. I was rather surprised at how much I like it. Having watched both the original Macross and Frontier, now I feel like watching all the series in between. When watching the story I sometimes felt that certain emotions that would later begin to gradually change over time. For instace, at the beggining of the series I seriously felt a bit annoyed my Sheryl Nome. But as the story proggressed  one could see just how austanding and comprehensible she really was. As for Ranka, I was a fan since the very beggining although it did waver a bit when she was sucked in by that evil women at the end. Thankfully she snapped out of it.

The pilots were really cool. They achieved a really good amount of action and cinematography on the battlefield on this series. Something that could not really be done on the original because of the limitations of technology and animation. I would really like to see a remake of the original series (not the “Do You Remember Love” version though, I didn’t really like it) I bet it would look really good with the abilities we possess at this moment.

I feel like I should do a sketch of Ranka… allright, I’ll put one up tommorrow.

Hope you look forward to it,


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