Area no Kishi

I just started watching this anime yesterday, and I just could not stop watching it. For one, I doubt I said this before but my favourite sport is Football (or Soccer here in the US), so seeing an anime about it really gets my attention. I had seen Captain Tsubasa, Whistle!, and a couple of others (although I really did not get into those, probably why I cannot remember their names), which i why I feel that finding another series that deals with one of my favourite passtimes is refreshing. Just like with Captain Tsubasa and Whistle! I really feel like going outside and playing again (man it feels like it was such a long time ago that I touched a ball). I feel that this series is alot more alike to Whistle! (especially since Captain Tsubasa was more about extrordinary techniques  such as my alltime favourite “Tiger Shot” performed by my favourite character Hyuga). Anyway if you have not read or seen the animes of both Captain Tsubas and or Whistle! I suggest you take a look.

Now back to Area no Kishi. The plot seems to revolve around two brothers (Suguru and Kakeru) who are in love with the sport since they were kids. They along with their childhood friend Nana nicknamed Seven (for those who know a bit about Japanese, you will see the connection there) were really good players. Time passed and and because of some incident (read the manga or watch the anime to find out why) Kakeru no longer wanted to be part of the team as a player. Suguru really loathed that his younger brother who had such amazing talents would just let them go to waste because of such petty reasons (Although having felt that ugly feeling of hopelessnes one time I can see what Kakeru might have felt during those moments. Let me tell you it is not pretty, in fact one feels locked and nothing can be done until one figures out why and how to move on). Anyway after a rather sad and horrific event, Kakeru and Suguru became one (read or see the anime to know what I mean by this) and are now forging a path to their dream of winning the World Cup.

I am in episode six, and let me tell you that I am really enjoying my time so far.

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