Style Makeover Momoko Tsugunaga

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When I first used the the Sargent brush I wanted to try out it’s full capabilities and the first painting I used this on was with Momoko Tsugunaga. One other thing I wanted to try out was a painting with water drops and condensation. With that in mind, I chose Momoko’s photo from the variety show (I believe it is London Hearts) where her entire look was given a complete overhaul. It seems that these were for a calendar where different talents were all given the same treatment. It’s a shame but I couldn’t find any recordings of this online, only some screengrabs (this means someone out there does have it/had it). Based on said screen grabs there were about three different photos that I could have used (maybe for a later painting). There’s no denying that Momoko looks really cute with this look, but I prefer her more natural look better.

I mentioned this before, but I think I am finally forming my favorite tools for painting digitally. I’ve been slacking on watercolors though, so I should do some more traditional paintings soon.

As can be seen above, this painting comes with two Youtube links. I already have a couple of paintings that have been recorded and another one that has been edited and will be live this Thursday. Aside from speed paints, I want to make instructional videos where I focus on one technique/topic and just some videos about things that interest me (although I haven’t figured out how I want to structure them yet). Luckily Youtube is allowing songs to be used as long as the owners are cool with it, of course this also means that these videos get no monetization capabilities. Which is a good trade. I actually lost a past channel because of the old methods that Youtube had implemented.

Hasta la proxima,


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