Traditional X Digital (Color) II

Here is another go at coloring digitally. For this one I will be doing a much more simple drawing with no background. I wanted to use only about two different varieties of the same color to see how simple coloring would look on a drawing. This drawing is again of Cardcaptor Sakura and also from 2006. I know this is a reproduction, but I don’t know where I got the reference from. Most likely it is from one of the volumes of the manga, the things is I just don’t know which volume… So I apologize I can’t show you the original this time.

In any case here is the scanned drawing:

2006 chibi Sakura and Kero (744x1024)

It’s a bit rough, but it will do. It is a very simple drawing that I can just apply color to it.

2006 chibi Sakura and Kero (744x1024)

So for this drawing I tried to use some of my traditional techniques. On top of that I used some the few digital techniques I picked up so far.Not looking too closely, it almost looks like if I colored it using Copics. And that makes me ecstatic. Of course this is still a bit new to me, and I have much more to learn. The road seems to be a long one, but I really hope I can grow exponentially as I go along.

Here’s working towards the best!

Hasta la proxima,


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