Alice Margatroid

This drawing was done about almost exactly a year ago. I’m amazed at how much detail I was able to pour into this drawing. There are a couple of problems with it though, such as some places that are a bit slanted or warped, actually it’s really only two areas that are a bit wonky (the candle holder in the floor and the window panels). I wanted to go for a spooky feel. A puppeteer with her marionettes surrounding her as she has a calming read with candles in her cabin. For some reason I really like this type of atmosphere, it gives me this nostalgic feeling that I’ve felt since I was a kid. I can’t really explain it, but point is, I enjoy it and will probably make some more drawings like this. Although I am a fan of Touhou I’m really not so informed on the lore as much as others, then there is also the fan made lore which complicates things. But I really like Alice, and like the fan art that is being created about her. This is what I enjoy about Touhou so much. A creator makes something, and the fans make it into something even better and greater than it was meant to be. The art, music and even  fan made games are just incredible. Here’s hoping I can contribute to it.

p.s. I had also filmed myself drawing this piece, video can be found here.

This drawing will be available as a print by the way.

Print now available.
Print now available.

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