Xero Drawing – Alice and her Grimoire (COMMENTARY)

Time spent: 12 hours 24 minutes
Materials used: Sakura 0.7 mechanical pencil, Fiber Castell Graphite Sketch Set, ruler, eraser, Faber Castell Perfection 7056 pencil eraser, Berol Draughting pencil, my fingers (to smooth out pencil markings).

So as you have noticed, I have changed a couple of things around for this video. The biggest is that I have decided to just eliminate my voice narration and instead keep the banner comments on their own. The microphones I had at hand were just no good and it took longer to make videos, taking away from my ability to draw without stress or lack of time. This, I believe will be the best format. After leaving for a while and being rather inconsistent in content and quality I lost many regular viewers, so I am starting again from scratch. Lets make this a popular and informative series of videos that you can all look forward to.

One thing about the drawing I would like to mention is that it isn’t quite done yet. I can still do a couple of additions to it, such as adding color to it. But that will be for another video of course.

Hope you guys enjoy the new format, and learn much more this way.



One thought on “Xero Drawing – Alice and her Grimoire (COMMENTARY)

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