How to Draw Challenge – Amu Hinamori

request: PurpleOrigami28
We have gotten a request of my favorite “Cool and Spicy” magical girl. I had drawn her before on my other account, but looking it over I could tell it was lacking quite a bit. So this gave me an excuse to draw her again. I am actually really surprised at how good it took shape, I could definitely see the great progress I have gone through over this last year. Now next time I upload a video it will be of me coloring this drawing. I have already started but because I was running down on time I decided to cut it in two parts. So far it is looking really good.

One last note, specifically directed at PurpleOrigami28. I am sorry that this video is much shorter and does not have the description of my first videos. It all eventually evolved into shorter ones that shed the instructions of every important movement. I came to the realization that this was in a way a good thing. If viewers watch my videos from the beginning, then they will be able to progress until they no longer need them. After all, drawings have only a few important guidelines that need to be followed (at least in my mind). I might make another channel just for going over videos and making them longer with instructions, but that might have to wait for a little bit longer.

Hope you enjoy it,


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