How to Draw Challenge: The Fourteenth – Victorique de Blois (COLOR)

First off, if you have not seen Gosick, then I advise that you do so. This anime is really enjoyable. For starters I am a sucker for detective theme stories so when I started watching it I was hooked. Plus it also helped that we had a mini (reference to her small size) -detective girl who solves crimes that the real authorities can’t even get a hold of. And to make things better we get another interesting character into the mix. A Japanese boy, who unlike most other stories, does not possess any special skills but somehow still manages to be really helpfull in solving the cases. Example; picking up Victorique when she cannot reach a book or a piece of evidence, yes she is that short. When both these characters are combined, something magical takes shape. Plus it also helps that Victorique adds to the list of cute tsundere charaters of anime.

Hope you enjoy it,


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