Seaside Fire Momochi First Corel Painter 2023 painting

I just got Corel Painter 2023 and this is my first painting using the updated program. I’ve gotta say, it feels a lot smoother and my favorite brush (Sergeant brush) now has a version that has blending abilities. And I’m not even using the full capabilities of it. It seems like I can also make my own brushes so hopefully I can play around with that at some point.

To commemorate and try out this new version I tried out painting this night fireside scene from Momochi’s “Hatachi Momochi” making of DVD. I really like the colors and expressions that Momochi did during this photoshoot scene and wanted to try and paint it. But I wasn’t too confident a while back so I didn’t do it till now. There’s more scenes in this location that I want to give a try at some point. While Painting I wanted to also paint different paint expressions which led me to the idea of making a simple animation, having moving waves and a flickering fire along with Momochi’s changing expressions. I really enjoyed working on this piece.

Hasta la proxima,


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