Happy Birthday Miyabi 2022

It’s Miyabi’s birthday today! Welcome to the 30 year club. I hope this year is more prosperous and filled with happiness, thank you for everything you have given us.

I really liked this photo of her trip to Okinawa.
Seen here:

But just making a study is not that special (for birthday purposes) so I modified it a bit by having her bringing her sunglasses down but still having the wind blowing. I was thinking of having Miyabi wink, but the bonus accompanying painting I think fills that aspect perfectly.

The bonus painting is of her dancing with Karin Miyamoto “El Sonidito” Super Mario Bros 3 mix. Seeing Miyabi and Karin dancing Musica Regional from Mexico really made my day. It’s a shame Berryz Koubou never went to Mexico, that would have been a fun thing to watch like when ℃-ute and Juice=Juice did. So this was a nice surprise.

Hope you have a lot of fun today.

Hasta la proxima,


Seaside Fire Momochi First Corel Painter 2023 painting

I just got Corel Painter 2023 and this is my first painting using the updated program. I’ve gotta say, it feels a lot smoother and my favorite brush (Sergeant brush) now has a version that has blending abilities. And I’m not even using the full capabilities of it. It seems like I can also make my own brushes so hopefully I can play around with that at some point.

To commemorate and try out this new version I tried out painting this night fireside scene from Momochi’s “Hatachi Momochi” making of DVD. I really like the colors and expressions that Momochi did during this photoshoot scene and wanted to try and paint it. But I wasn’t too confident a while back so I didn’t do it till now. There’s more scenes in this location that I want to give a try at some point. While Painting I wanted to also paint different paint expressions which led me to the idea of making a simple animation, having moving waves and a flickering fire along with Momochi’s changing expressions. I really enjoyed working on this piece.

Hasta la proxima,


Airi Sweater

There was this photo recently uploaded by Airi Suzuki wearing a comfy looking brown sweater that I just had to draw/paint.

It was also a bonus that her hairstyle was specially cut for her end of the year °C-ute concert. I was just about finished yesterday painting Airi when my brother walked in and asked when I would make a painting that took longer. I was wondering if he meant that I was rushing through this painting and was leaving it too rough. But it seems he just meant that lately I have only been doing line art which takes only a couple of hours (Airi as well). That’s when I decided to add a background. Using the wall background would not do so I decided to make a winter scenery. I ended up mashing up a couple of reference photos (including some from Airi’s photobooks). It looks like the road crossing the train tracks is heading straight to the sea huh? I guess the idea is that there is a ramp for people to drive towards the beach.

I was a bit apprehensive about the details in the sweater when I was just about to start, but luckily with my current experience I know that it’s just a matter of painting and now stopping. Once that flow starts, it doesn’t take that long to finish. Once I added the background, I did have to tweak the saturation and values on Airi though.

I kinda wanna animate this painitng…

Hasta la proxima,


Kodachi Kuno Swimsuit

For the background I once again used some of the new oil brushes for the background. These are made by Martina Palazzese (used brush 04). They add some really cool textures, but sadly they don’t blend. I’m really missing Corel Painter in that sense. Of course I went with an 80s painting style and added two layers of shadows and one of lighting on Kodachi. I was debating on whether the background should be during the day or a sunset. I ended up going with daytime lighting but it does give me an excuse to do another Kodachi painting.

Hasta la proxima,


First visit to the sea

Currently on vacation. This time I went to Oregon with my brother and friend. This is my first time seeing the ocean. It’s amazing. Since I don’t have too much time to draw I’m trying out this new app that allows me draw with pixels. It’s called pixel studio. The amount of options is amazing. Although it’s kind of weird drawing with my finger since I apply multiple pixels at times.

I wonder if you can tell what I drew without telling you.

Hasta la proxima,

Isako Washio Campaign Girl ’85 COLOR

This is the painted version of my drawing of Isako Washio. I can’t quite read the kanji for what the actual campaign she was modeling for in the reference picture I used, if you know what it is do let me know.

reference picture:

I quite liked the tan and shadows that compliment the lighting. I decided to have her in a beach as opposed to being indoors, so of course the lighting changed slightly to a brighter one. It’s been raining where I live quite often these past days so I was tempted to make it rainy in this painting as well. But I should do all types of weather types. Seeing as the temperature is also rising, going to the beach is not that out of place.

Line art can be seen here:


Hasta la proxima,


Ryūko Matoi Beach Yuki Saito

Seeing as Kill la Kill was influenced by series like Sukeban Deka I wanted to make a painting depicting that connection. I also wanted to make as many summer paintings as I can before the season ends (finally). This is an homage to Yuki Saito’s photo. Which can be seen here.

Using references from the anime it self, I did have to make various changes to the body type and the hair a bit so that it would look more like Ryuko. Seriously, Ryuko has a tiny waist. As for the hair I wasn’t sure if I should have left it down or pull it up into a ponytail like in the reference photo. In the end I decided to try and figure out how it would look if Ryuko decided to put it up.

Hasta la proxima,


Beach Soda Pose

It’s a bit late when I’m posting this so I will keep it short but this is based on the ad campaign called Yes Coke Yes. The reference used is one of the ads that Hayami Yu. I’ve been wanting to do some summer artwork and also utilize the 80s ads that I have. It has also been a while since I’ve done a simpler painting. It was a lot of fun painting this piece, luckily I managed to finish it in time.

Hasta la proxima,