How to Draw Manga Redraw Pen and Tone

A bit of a late upload. I was planning on uploading some of the work I had lined up but when I was on twitter I noticed that #HowToDrawMangaRedraw was trending. The one being redrawn is from a book done by Katy Coope. But the one I grew up with was by Ryo Toudo. Looking inside the book, the cover artist is Kazuaki Morita. I really love his style. Man, this cover really brings back memories of when I was first getting into anime and was amazed by the selection of media that our local library carried. I won’t lie, I didn’t quite get the contents of the book back in the day. I mainly got it for the cover and tried to draw them. Thinking about it now, I might have that drawing stored in backpack that contains all my old work. If I remember correctly, I put the thumbs in the wrong positions. I’ll upload it tomorrow. There was another cover that I really liked, maybe I’ll give that one a try as well (also tomorrow).

Update (4/9/21) – Couldn’t find that old drawing I was talking about, I did find a lot of rather embarrassing ones though… If I find it though I’ll post it here.

(Update 4/19/2021) – Found it, you can see it here: ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧

Hasta la proxima,


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