Berserk Unit 02

I have been planning painting the other Eva units when they go berserk. This time though, I went for a complete digital painting. Rewatching the scene when Asuka activates the berserk mode is quite heart wrenching in all aspects. Specially since even then, she was completely overpowered and wrecked. Even now it’s hard watching her suffering that much. The end of Evangelion version is quite different from the rebuilds which I could also paint at some point, Although I would probably opt for a complete body since it has very interesting angles and poses. In this portrayal of the berserk scene in the End of Evangelion, I did a what if Asuka could over power the lance and destroy the mass produced Evas.

This painting was also done using the Real Tapered Wet Flat Brush, just as was done with Airi’s painting. Except for the background which was done using the Tapered Oils brush.

Hasta la proxima,


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