Fancy Momochi

This is a digital painting using the line art from day 7 of Inktober 2020. The theme was fancy that day. When I started painting I just had the idea of keeping it flat and simple. I focused on Momoko first then I spent a good bit of time on the chair. I just started adding colors to see what would come out and when I was done I got the urge to add some stitching to the seat cushions. Getting the right colors was a bit easier when I used the hue ability of Photoshop. When I got the shape and colors at a state I was happy with I added some texture to give that stitching look. I tried a couple of techniques but I feel that making some skipping hatching worked. Keeping it uniform and in the same orientation keeps it looking clean. The background it self I wasn’t too sure about. I then just started adding background elements to make it look like a tea house. The hue used to be more yellowish, but when I was playing with the hues, I arrived at this whiter background. It’s been a while since I last painted so I was a bit worried, but I noticed that I was able to paint with a lot more calmness and ease. Soon I should be able to clear up some more time to use for art. I can’t wait to try more things out.

Hasta la proxima,


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