Inktober 2020 07 Fancy Momochi

Today was a rough one… But I still managed to get some time together so that I could make a drawing today. Today’s theme is fancy. I was watching a segment of a variety show where Momoko was dressed by someone else. And in this one she had a black blouse with a slit in the back and a skirt. When I saw her in that I knew I wanted to do a piece in some way. And keeping with the theme I felt I should have her in a fancy tea house with her iconic pinky out. I also was looking at antique chairs and found this really cool one that only showed the front but I figured I could just make up how it would look in the back. I really like the way it came out. But due to the limited time today I decided to just leave it at the line art stage. Once I have more time I will go back and figure out what direction to finish it.

Hasta la proxima,


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