Suiryu Cat’s Claw Copic

I wanted to do another copic piece, but this time I wanted a more manga styled one with a more simplistic coloring scheme. I’ve been drawing a lot of girls lately so I wanted to draw a guy this time. For today’s subject I drew Suiryu again. I just barely had a chance to see the second season of One Punch Man. The animation is not bad, but it truly has degraded compared to the first season. I also noticed that they rushed some scenes quite a bit, but it’s not too bad (specially compared to what they did to To Aru Majutsu no Index III). It was really fun seeing Suiryu get animated, I just hoped to see more of him.

As for this piece, I wanted to have Suiryu actually training after the tournament incident but I still wanted a bit of humor. So for this drawing I used the pose of the Cat’s Claw from the Jackie Chan movie Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow. It’s a powerful but hilarious style. You can see it here.

Hasta la proxima,


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