Jackie Chan vs Dick Wei

line art:


Line art originally drawn for Inktober 2022 day 12. The original drawing wasn’t showing the movement and power of Jackie and Wei’s fight so I made some slight changes. Can you guys tell what they were?

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Drunken Master Jackie Chan Berserk

Drunken Master II is definitely one of my favorite Jackie Chan films, I’m just really sad I haven’t been able to see the undedited version. I hope to get the Japanese release sometime soon since they always tend to get the better versions of his films.

The idea for this piece came from the berserk modes that come from animes and games like Evangelion (Eva Berserker Mode), G Gundam (Super Mode – anger fueled), King of Fighters (Riot of the Blood), and some ques from Metal Slug (zombie mode). Heck, even in the film there is a scene where Jackie exhales steam like Iori/Leona and Eva unit 01.

For some reason Pixiv stopped working with WordPress, hopefully it will be fixed soon. For now I will use Twitter as well just in case.

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Suiryu Cat’s Claw Copic

I wanted to do another copic piece, but this time I wanted a more manga styled one with a more simplistic coloring scheme. I’ve been drawing a lot of girls lately so I wanted to draw a guy this time. For today’s subject I drew Suiryu again. I just barely had a chance to see the second season of One Punch Man. The animation is not bad, but it truly has degraded compared to the first season. I also noticed that they rushed some scenes quite a bit, but it’s not too bad (specially compared to what they did to To Aru Majutsu no Index III). It was really fun seeing Suiryu get animated, I just hoped to see more of him.

As for this piece, I wanted to have Suiryu actually training after the tournament incident but I still wanted a bit of humor. So for this drawing I used the pose of the Cat’s Claw from the Jackie Chan movie Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow. It’s a powerful but hilarious style. You can see it here.

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Shin Shell of Fury POSTER parody of “New Fist of Fury”

I have already done one parody poster before, so I wanted to do another one. This time I wanted to give it a try doing it digitally.

This is the poster in question. This was back in the day when Jackie Chan was marketed as the new Bruce Lee, this movie is a continuation of the original Fist of Fury. The poster is quite amazing, but it was a bit scary as a project since it had so many parts to it. Lacking the experience at the time it took quite a bit of time, but I learned a lot.

Jackie chan new fist of fury

This is the poster finished on July 23.

Shin Shell of Fury POSTER resize

And here is the process. I tried to get as much as the background as I could. For this pieces I used the actual colors from the poster by using the eyedropper tool in Photoshop.

Shin Shell of Fury I resize

One thing to note is that I actually made a round figure for the faces but erased around the hair for a reason I don’t quite remember.

Shin Shell of Fury II resize

Shin Shell of Fury III resize


Shin Shell of Fury IV resize


Shin Shell of Fury V resize


Shin Shell of Fury VI resize

Shin Shell of Fury VII resize




Shin Shell of Fury VIII resize


Shin Shell of Fury IX resize

Shin Shell of Fury X resize


Shin Shell of Fury XI resize



Shin Shell of Fury XII resize


Shin Shell of Fury XIII resize

After this I added the text to make it like the original poster.

In any case that should be all, what do you guys think?

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