2b Legs (don’t really have a title) DIGITAL

I believe this was started in September 4th and finished on September 23rd? I could push it forward but I feel I should probably keep practicing more instead of getting stuck on one piece. Man… digital painting is still a bit complicated. I’m practicing with colors but I still need to learn more about color theory.

I’ve been wanting to do a 2B piece for a while now, but I wanted to play the game first before I did so. The game was pretty good but I only completed the first part, need to complete the rest of the game when I have time. Man I really love her design. Back when they teased the game I didn’t know what it was about or any information about it, but I knew I wanted it.

I don’t know if it was this video (I don’t think it is), but it did have this image which is what got me intrigued:








Here is the painting, I’ve been practicing getting colors by only using my eye and not sampling the colors from any reference:







2b Legs Final (rename it later) resized

I wanted to create an interesting pose, but I don’t know if I succeeded. I wondered if adding a background would make the colors I used work better… But that will be for another time.

These are the references used:
















Here is the process:



2b legs I


2b legs II

2b legs III

2b legs IV

2b legs V

2b legs VI

2b legs VII

2b legs VIII

2b legs IX

2b legs X

2b legs XI

2b legs XII

2b legs XIII

2b legs XIV

2b legs XV

2b legs XVI

2b legs XVII

2b legs XVIII

2b legs XIX

2b legs XX

2b legs XXI

2b legs XXII

2b legs XXIII

2b legs XXIV

2b legs XXV

2b legs XXVI

2b legs XXVII

2b legs XXVIII

2b legs XXIX

2b legs XXX

2b legs XXXI

2b legs XXXII

2b legs XXXIV

2b legs XXXV

2b legs XXXVI

2b legs XXXVII

2b legs XXXVIII

2b legs XXXIX

2b legs XXXX

2b legs XXXXI

2b legs XXXXII

2b legs XXXXIII

2b legs XXXXIV

2b legs XXXXV

2b legs XXXXVI

2b legs XXXXVII

2b legs XXXXVIII

2b legs XXXXIX







2b Legs Final (rename it later) resized

Hasta la proxima,


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